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Matthew David O'Grady and Phil Giuliano present a Law of Attraction (LOA) show to inspire and uplift listeners. Matt and Phil explore what LOA really is, how to understand it and how to use it consciously to create happiness in the life you desire. Matt and Phil welcome frequent guests that are using LOA in their lives on the show to discuss various aspects of LOA. Matt and Phil believe in building a community of like minded individuals, using the LOA to connect, support, communicate, and build dynamic relationships. In the WELLNESS RADIO SHOW, Matt explores the power of Self Care and Holistic Healing. MDO will be interviewing weekly guests that are massage Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Reiki Masters, Acupuncturists, Nutritional counselors, Energy workers, Meditation Teachers, Bio feedback technicians, polarity therapists, Reflexologists and so much more.

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Ram Dass said: Be Here Now, and he wrote a really amazing book on the subject. Eckhart Tolle wrote: The Power of Now, what are they talking about ? What IS the Power of Now and why be here for it?!! If we can be here for it and... more

Ever wonder why LOA "just doesn't work for me" even though you've been focusing on what you want, looking for postive aspects, meditating, doing affirmations or other exercises? The problem isn't LOA, the problem is the... more

This is what we are all doing with our Imagination without even knowing it, dreaming, focusing, allowing, attracting all of our experiences in as we live life, as we sleep, as we speak, as we think, as we feel, we are paving the way for the... more

For thousands of years raw (unpasturized) milk from cows, goats and other animals has been a staple of the human diet around the world. Yet in many states in the US raw milk is either completely or partially banned. Why? Matt and... more

"A Course In Miracles" has been a highly debated subject in spiritual circles for many years. Brought to popularity by celebs such as Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson, ACIM is growing in the American and International Spiritual... more

Tonight Matt and Phil will be talking Yoga with master teacher Stacy Plaske. Stacy owns Balance Yoga studio in Huntington NY. We will discuss the power of yoga as a life transforming tool and Stacy's many years of experience learning... more

For many thousands of years spiritual teachers have been talking about the idea that this human, earthly life is an "Illusion" yet, most of us live life as if all of it is very real. The spirtual adage as its quoted in the movie Waking Life: "The worst... more

Many spiritual traditions advise selflessness as the road to enlightenment. Think not of yourself but of others and you shall be rewarded. Others say that if we don't put ourselves first we likely won't have anything to give to another. So which... more

What matters most in your life? Things, People or Your Thoughts and Feelings? We all have goals, people we want in our lives, wishes, and dreams. Why are these important to you? Hows it going? Are you motivated? Confident?... more

Ever wonder why some manifestations seem to happen so easily while others are painfully slow? Ever notice that when you're having a great day other great things always seem to follow? Ever hear Abraham-Hicks or other LOA teachers talk... more
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