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Matthew David O'Grady and Phil Giuliano present a Law of Attraction (LOA) show to inspire and uplift listeners. Matt and Phil explore what LOA really is, how to understand it and how to use it consciously to create happiness in the life you desire. Matt and Phil welcome frequent guests that are using LOA in their lives on the show to discuss various aspects of LOA. Matt and Phil believe in building a community of like minded individuals, using the LOA to connect, support, communicate, and build dynamic relationships. In the WELLNESS RADIO SHOW, Matt explores the power of Self Care and Holistic Healing. MDO will be interviewing weekly guests that are massage Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Reiki Masters, Acupuncturists, Nutritional counselors, Energy workers, Meditation Teachers, Bio feedback technicians, polarity therapists, Reflexologists and so much more.

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Did you think of something or someone as soon as you read the title? I hope so. If not, thats fine let's have a chat about it because once you know this your life begins in a different way that I think you will enjoy. :) Matt... more

Today I get to interview Yogi Aaron from Blue Osa Toga Retreat and Spa in Costa Rica! Yogi Aaron's greatest desire is for people to realize the fragility of life and savor every precious moment. He believes too many of us live in the shadows... more

I'm joined today by a great friend, a great teacher(I know this because she was one of my teachers!), and a very wise woman, Jennifer Urezzio. She has been on this podcast many times before but its been a couple years at this point. We... more

Happiness is such an important aspect to our lives..... Whenever we are stressed, in fear, doubt, worry, bored, frustrated, angry, confused...we are NOT Happy. Here are some ways to turn that around quickly. IN Joy, Matt... more

I am super excited to interview my old friend, Lisa Hayes, Author of Score Your SoulMate. We will be discussing relationships, communication and EMOTIONS and how all of that intersects with The Law of Attraction! Lisa helps people... more

Wow. I did my morning routine this morning and it hit me how ABUNDANTLY important this practice is and just how significant it is in how the rest of our day goes... Dedicated to My Morning Practice In Love, Matt thelivinggratitudebook.co

Resolution time. Whacha got? Anything really juicy? Anything you realy really really want? Well, stop messin around and start following through. Join Liz Sumner, The Productivity Coach and I on this New Years discussion. We based... more

I am VERY excited to welcome back my 'ol Co-Host of the Matt and Phil Show as well as a previous repeat guest of the Matt and Phil Show, Sara Exley to discuss the beautiful Yogananda Spiritual Teaching that he brought to the US... more

Attitude is Everything. We've heard that time and time again, however, do we live our lives as if this is true? What happens? Do we forget? Can we remember? Can we change our attitude everyday? every moment? Lets explore and... more

Stopping to smell the Roses is a rare art these days, amidst Isis, the Holidays and whatever other stressors you might be dealing with. Today I talk about taking your power back by Living In the Moment. Mindfully, Matt thelivinggratitudebook.com... more
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