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Matthew David O'Grady and Phil Giuliano present a Law of Attraction (LOA) show to inspire and uplift listeners. Matt and Phil explore what LOA really is, how to understand it and how to use it consciously to create happiness in the life you desire. Matt and Phil welcome frequent guests that are using LOA in their lives on the show to discuss various aspects of LOA. Matt and Phil believe in building a community of like minded individuals, using the LOA to connect, support, communicate, and build dynamic relationships. In the WELLNESS RADIO SHOW, Matt explores the power of Self Care and Holistic Healing. MDO will be interviewing weekly guests that are massage Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Reiki Masters, Acupuncturists, Nutritional counselors, Energy workers, Meditation Teachers, Bio feedback technicians, polarity therapists, Reflexologists and so much more.

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This is one of the easiest, simplest, most rewarding gifts we can give ourselves. Grateful for this easy exercise, Matt mattogradycoaching.com

Do you believe in your self? I mean, REALLY BELIEVE in yourself? Well, if not, you can start after you listen to this podcast. Believing, Matt mattogradycoaching.com

When I practice something daily that brings about significant help, success, happiness or similar I like to think of that practice as a Super Power. From my perspective it really is.... Feeling Super Powerful, Matt mattogradycoaching.com

Confidence is such a huge issue for so many of us. The Source knows how many times I have had a crisis of confidence. Listen in for a short talk and meditation on the subject. Go Confidently Forth! :) Matt mattogradycoaching.com

Stress sucks, right? Its just true. no one likes to be stressd although some people get very used to it and dont even know how to release it or live without it. I hope that isn't you. Listen in for hope and some laughs. :) Happy, Matt... more

I am so excited to hear this podcast that I am worry free! :) Released, Matt mattogradycoaching.com

Do you have enough energy to do all you want to do? We can increase it very easily it just takes some consciousness. Energized, Matt mattogradycoaching.com

This is an interesting technique, I hope you like it. Decided, Matt mattogradycoaching.com

Are you Happy? I mean, REALLY Happy? Do you feel great, wonderful, energized, in love with life? Well you can be. Listen up. ;) Peace, Matt

Where are you? Im here, Matt
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