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Chicago-based financial talk radio show host Matt Sapaula crusades a message to help people transform the way people feel, think and manage their money! Tune in for tips on how to better manage your personal finances in a changing economy to making more money through a home-based business. Tap the wisdom of financial and business experts through guest interviews who bring answers to questions from a faith-based perspective.

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Have you ever found yourself in a predicament you thought you would never be in? Do you wonder why certain things have happened to you and when things will get back to normal? You seem to be working extremely hard but not getting far... more

It is said that most men and women live in quiet desperation. They will eventually go through live and never feel they accomplished what they really wanted to do. Looking back, it is a life of regret as their self-talk says, "I shoulda, coulda,... more

Let's face it. The life of Jesus has been the most impactful and legacy-filled story in human history. Although His ministry and travels only lasted for three years, the way Jesus managed His time proclaiming His message is unparalleled. Within... more

Often times, we look at our situation and don't like what we see. We look at the person in the mirror and we want to believe more in ourselves. The stack of bills that mount up on awaiting to be dealt with isn't going to just disappear. Are we... more

Life, at times, seems to put us through difficult moments that are unbearable and undesirable. We wish for "normalcy" and getting back to "ordinary times". Facing foreclosure, business failure, job loss, bankruptcy or a change in health has hit... more

When you think of taking the higher road, humility doesn't seem to be at the top of the list. But if you want to create, build and endure through both good and bad times, we must understand a personality trait that will help us persevere. Do you... more

Often times we hesitate making important decisions because of fear and the unknown. We sometimes think that our current situation defines us and that our mistakes are part of a sign that tell us to quit while we are ahead. Our... more

A special Memorial Day Show, recognizing our fallen heroes, men and women who have fought and bled for our nation's freedom in service to our country. We'll also share the ultimate sacrifice of love for humankind and how this applies... more

Do you find it frustrating to find yourself stuck personally, financially or within a relationship going no where? Have you gotten tired of people voting for change, yet no real significant change has happened? Tune in this morning on... more

Honoring a previous request, Money Smart Radio will be conducting a special ONE-HOUR live broadcast of the Making God First Monday Show from Crane High School. We'll be joining City Church Chicago's Breakfast Club, led by... more
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