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My I humbly submit to you that you are made in the image and likeness of God.  You are IN you, expressing yourself as you! The spiritual you has possessed the soul you and is manifesting you through the physical you! You are spirit, that has a soul, that manifests itself through a body. BUT….if you don’t know you have the ability to BE YOU, then a sprite (disembodied spirit), jinn or genie will PUT there spirit in you and control your soul and your body! DO YE NOT KNOW YE ARE GODS!  IT IS TIME TO STOP PRAYING TO GOD AND START PRAYING AS GOD! ARE YOU HOSTING YOU? Are you pulling your own strings? Are you thinking your own thoughts? Who is thinking for you? Are is someone / something else hosting you. YOU ARE A BIO-LOGY. BIO – one’s life or course of living, WAY, PROGRAM OR SYSTEM OF LIVING. OLOGY – A SCIENCE OR BRANCH OF KNOWLEDGE. YOU ARE A BIOLOGICAL BEING!
Folks this is serious serious business! I've dedicated my entire adult life to the study of scriptural and scientific truth. The mission of my organization; THE E.A.G.L.E.S.S. CLUB; is Eagerly Advancing Godly (GODLIKE) Living(LIFE) & Economics Scripturally & Scientifically. IT'S TIME TO STOP PRAYING TO GOD AND START PRAYING AS GOD! I LIVED MOST OF MY LIFE UNDER THE CONTROL OF A FOREIGN DIGNITARY(host)WHOEVER CONTROLS YOUR BIOLOGY, (bio-one's way of living)(logy-science or branch of knowledge) CONTROLS YOU! As a biological (logical biology) being you are being controlled by an agreed upon system of rules and regulations that control one's way of living.

Right now, you are being played, manipulated, controlled. BY WHO? WHO IS PULLING YOUR STRINGS? Answer. Lucifer, Beelzebub, sprites (disembodied spirits) jinns, genies, falling angels, demons, etc. Like a character in a video game. YOU have no control over YOU! Rev 12:9 says so!