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Mastering True Love

Mastering True Love


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A VOICE OF THE NEW ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS. 2011-2012 and beyond represent the beginning of a new era for humanity. A New Energy has been birthed on the planet bringing with it a shift in our consciousness. It is time to remember who we are. The divine being that we really are is melding with the human. Humanity is facing great challenges and to many of us, life appears to be very chaotic. But it is actually a time of cleansing, a freeing up of old stuck energies that seek transformation from the narrow, linear thinking of a caterpillar to the magical free spirited energy of the butterfly. On Mastering True Love Radio, Paul provides a safe and sacred space where he offers insights and guidance to inspire the awakening of true love from within so you can be who you really are.

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Humanity is going through the process of freeing ourselves from the historic illusions of being separate from God and being flawed at birth, which have historically created a collective mind that believes it needs to keep everything... more

One year and 40 episodes ago, on September 5, 2010, Paul began Mastering True Love Radio. In celebration of one year on the air, in this episode he looked back at all the shows. He talked about all the guests he had on and what... more

While the energy around the globe continues to get more intense, many are discovering a safe place within themselves where there is a knowing that anything is possible. Once such a safe and sacred space is found the real question... more

From a recent exchange Paul had with Cristi Jenkins (see www.cristijenkins.com) on Facebook, came a powerful understanding and awareness into the integration of emotional aspects. She posted inspiration regarding her understanding of... more

There is a difference between doing rather than just being. When you're doing you're trying to accomplish something, you're trying to get somewhere and get something done and you have a purpose. But when you are being, you're just... more

When humans bought into the illusion of being separate from Source, we literally put our soul in a cage and threw away the key. Thus historically, for the divine to be fully expressed through any human has been rare. However, in this New... more

When two people meet and decide they want to get to know each other, they begin spending time together to become familiar with each other. They want to learn about each other's personality, their likes and dislikes, all their... more

In a world of duality where we've bought into the illusion of being separate from Source energy, more often than not our natural state of joy seems to allude us. Worse, because we also believe we are flawed at birth, we tend to loathe... more

Of all the things that are going on around the globe today, the most exciting phenomenon of all that is occurring is a process of remembering who we really are. This process involves re-claiming control over our lives by gently shifting it... more