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North Carolina A&T State University Homecoming 2010 is Officially Underway!

#GHOE - The Greatest Homecoming On Earth

"Best Places To Eat" (Feature: Corinthians Steaks)

The North Carolina A&T Homecoming is a special event filled with fun, great fellowship, an array of exciting student activities, alumni events, music, memories and the best food for miles.  But apart from the Aggie's football game and morning parade through the streets of Greensboro, vendors from all parts of the country come to North Carolina A&T's Homecoming every year for their opportunity to build their brand and make a tremendous amount of sales during this week long celebration.

The NC A&T Homecoming is an opportunity for most business owners to earn huge sales.  However, success for a NC A&T Homecoming Vendor all comes down to great food or great products, a solid and attractive brand, good marketing strategies, honorable reputation, excellent customer service, efficient operations, and great sales techniques.

Master Entrepreneurs Worldwide Radio Show highlight's CORINTHIANS STEAKS for today's feature for the "Best Places to Eat" at the North Carolina A&T Homecoming 2010.

Lonnie Riggs is an honorable husband, proud father, and the owner of Corinthians Steaks: "The Authentic Philly Taste In The South". Mr. Riggs' hometown is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Specifically, the northern part of "Philly" otherwise known as Logan.  His Philadelphian background has enable him to become an expert in knowing how to craft the ultimate "Philly Cheesesteak" that's true to an authentic taste only found in Philadelphia. 

His culinary expertise is artistically displayed in every cheesesteak made to the customer's specific order.  His authentic philly cheesesteaks have received outstanding reviews from numerous customers all over the Triad Area. His Corinthians Steaks Facebook Fan Page is steadily growing as fans eagerly await the opening of his highly anticipated storefront (currently in the planning phase).

Customers are already lining up to get there hands on the best "Authentic Philly Cheesesteak" at North Carolina A&T's Homecoming 2010.  DO NOT miss out on your chance to taste the best of the best from a Philadelphian culinary expert.

You can locate Corinthians Steaks at the NC A&T Homecoming on Lindsey St in the War Memorial Stadium Parking Lot (this is the location of all vendors). Corinthians Steaks will be open at North Carolina A&T's Homecoming 2010 from Friday, October 8 beginning at 11:00am - Sunday, October 10 ending at 5:00pm.

Look for our upcoming LIVE worldwide radio broadcast of the North Carolina A&T Homecoming 2010 "Best Places To Eat" featuring "Corinthians Steaks" soon.


North Carolina A&T State University Homecoming 2010 - "Best Place to Eat"

#GHOE - The Greatest Homecoming On Earth

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