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What Child is This? The Law of Attraction and Christ

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Mary Jo Bull

Mary Jo Bull


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First and foremost, the Law of Attraction is a spiritual path, a code for living a balanced, creative, empowered life. It's not the newest fad, or the hottest trend. It's a code for living that ~ if we understand how we got here, how life works, and how we are and always have been supported ~ will lead to a deeper understanding of Consciousness, Self and the Creator. At this holiday time of year, many in the world are aware of the birth of Jesus. Religious traditions notwithstanding, it would seem that this being, this special infant, had a unique and remarkable destiny, and that walk led to events that left an imprint on Human consciousness, that would touch and oftentimes influence Humanity ever after. The life of this remarkable being demonstrated the Law of Attraction in action, in so many miraculous and mundane ways, as no other Human being before or since has done. What child is this? Who was Jesus and what is the benefit to understanding his walk and who he was? How can a deeper exploration of his life and life's work benefit you as you are integrating the Law of Attraction into your walk? "I am the way, the truth and the life." What is the connection between these words and the Law of Attraction? Here's a hint: It's not about religion and worship and exclusion. While some groups have appropriated this individual for their own use, make no mistake ~ his life's work transcends religions of all types. He walked it so we can, too. "Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear." The inspiration of this being, of which we can all partake, can supplement and expand our life experience, no matter what religious path or tradition one chooses to follow. This Christed Consciousness is all-inclusive, and understanding the role that Jesus played in bringing awareness to that consciousness can bring empowerment, revelation and epiphanies to anyone who chooses to explore further.