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A Return to Wholeness

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Mary Jo Bull

Mary Jo Bull


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On this show, we will talk about the Law of Attraction, wellness and disease. The Law of Attraction demonstrates how creative, attractive and powerful our thoughts and feelings are, in the experience of Life. We are shown that our vibration influences our experiences, including physical health, financial well-being, and nurturing relationships ~ as well as their opposites, illness, poverty and isolation. There is a train of thought that says we are 100% responsible for our experiences in life, and that if we have aligned our thoughts, beliefs and feelings with a condition or circumstance that is not to our liking, we can adjust our thoughts, beliefs and feelings to align ourselves with conditions and circumstances that *are* to our liking. If we attracted one, we can certainly attract the other! It sounds simple, and it is, however, in the initial stages of re-orienting our thoughts and beliefs, it can be helpful to shed some light on ways that we hold ourselves in old patterns that don't serve us. On this show, it is our intention to illuminate how we become mesmerized, hypnotized and enslaved by our old thoughts and beliefs. Once this becomes clear to us ~ once we bring Awareness to our experience ~ we can make small, subtle and very effective adjustments to our approach, and manifest healing (a return to wholeness), prosperity and joy. We can return to our natural state of Wholeness ~ we can return to Love. Getting our focus going in the direction of Love and Wholeness is a worthwhile endeavour, if we are truly committed to a life of abundance in all realms of our existence. Splitting our focus between lack and abundance keeps us in place and impotent ~ "A house divided cannot stand." Are you committed to abundance and love in your life? This show may help you along your way.