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Be Here Now!

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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Mary Jo Bull

Mary Jo Bull


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The topic of tonight’s show is “Be Here, Now.” ‘Now’ is a very important word in Law of Attraction consciousness, for many, many reasons. Some of those reasons seem clear and obvious, and we will cover those. I also include ‘Be Here’ for several reasons, and mostly because of several conversations I have had recently, with individuals who have openly acknowledged that at a very deep level, they do not want to be here. I am not talking about folks who are contemplating suicide. I am talking about folks who are just not enjoying this experience, and upon further reflection, have noted that they are looking forward to ‘going home’ and subsequently don’t enjoy this creation process. Many of you reading this may feel something stir when you read those words. I think a lot of souls walking the Earth today, looking through the lens of their False Self, can resonate with this sentiment. For hundreds of years, church and religious doctrine encouraged us to eschew the physical and keep our eyes on the afterlife, that’s where we would receive our reward. Even Buddhism, with its wonderful message of love, peace and detachment, encourages its followers to do everything they can to ‘get off the wheel’ ~ so they never have to come back ‘here’ again. On the other hand, Christ walked this path to show us that we are powerful and extraordinary, and that it is our gift and our purpose in Life to create heaven right here on earth. Christ told us repeatedly that the kingdom of heaven is within each and every one of us ~ not “up there” among the clouds or in some light-laden etheric dimension. If this resonates with you on any level, then it might benefit you to take a closer look at your individual perspective on this very fundamental, foundational belief. Remember, it's the foundation from which you are launching your thoughts and feelings~it is a lack perspective and lack produces more of the same.