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I help women discover which types of content creation best spark their creativity, fit their strengths and package their gifts most powerfully to help more people through their businesses. By learning how to make empowering choices and connect with Ideal Clients by marketing with meaning, transform their story from wounds to wisdom, and sourcing success from the inside-out, using online tools to step forward and share their gifts with the world through the web.

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Has everyone been advising you to create big ticket items but just the ideas is overwhelming? Are you stressed about the tendancy to measure success in 6 figures when your income is so much less? Does framing your big picture in a... more

Do you… Push yourself to get things done in your business- even when you are already exhausted? Feel lazy if you take a break in the middle of working on a project- regardless of ineffective and uninspired you are at that point? Get... more

Do you get so stuck in planning in your business that you never take action? Or do you keep leaping before you look and wonder how you ended up where you are? Want to shift toward more success but not sure if you should be... more

Want to help more people and create more income with your knowledge, expertise and tools? Convinced your way of working with clients is too unique, personalized or situation specific to create a product from? Tired of the... more

Do you want more clients in your business? Does the niche marketing approach seem to scary or confusing? Have you tried to define your niche but can't figure out who your people are? Call in or Chat your Questions. Tune in for answers!

The topic of this show is to bust the myth that you can only burnout in a "job". No matter how much you love what you do- you must have time to recoup to stay happy and healthy! Learn what to look for in your life that lets you know it is time... more

Confused by online tools? Not sure what to choose for your business? Want help with the tools you already have? Call in on Wednesday at 11amEST to get help and choose the best online tools for your business success! There is more to... more

There are a ton of tools, techniques and strategies that could fit your online business and should work. So how do you choose what will actually work for you? And what do you do when "proven" methods that work for others don't work for... more

Are you wondering: Where to even start to fix your website or marketing strategy when it doesn't work? Why is it that nothing you do with your website or on Social Media is effective? If having your business online just a big waste of time? Call... more
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