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Third Temple in Babylon Rev 18:10-13, Middle East war preparation, Obama summoned for Islamic Jihad by top cleric, Antichrist peace treaty updates, BIBLE VERSES ON NOT GIVING UP, and much more! For more information go to... more

?Responding to Hate?, Wars and Rumors of wars, Obama's Islamic agenda and Military campaign, Islamic rise of Jihad, Two State Solution updates, Third Temple in the news, and more! For more information go to

Third Temple talk, Jerusalem the center of prophecy, Antichrist treaty updates, Signs of the Mark of the Beast platform involving Pope Francis and Obama to unite ?the Rich and Poor?, The sacrifice at Bozrah, ?Praying with our whole... more

False Christs and False Messiahs, Antichrist treaty, Islamic Caliphate and its role in end times prophecy, Antichrist ?changing times and laws? revealed in prophecy, ?Life & Christ vs. Death & the Devil? and more! For more information... more

Ancient Babylon worship in Daniel 3 and the parallel of Islam in the bible prophecy of the end times in Revelation 13:14-15, Antichrist treaty updates,"connected from above" and more! For more information go to our... more

New World Order technology , Antichrist treaty(two state solution) getting closer, More jihadist prisoners released, Antichrist Obama and False Prophet Pope Francis to bridge rich & poor, More confirming information showing Jerusalem... more

The light of truth in biblical prophecy vs. The darkness of deceptive Islamic prophecy, Two State Solution updates, Mark of the Beast technology, Police State , ?Thoughts on Christmas? and more!

Prophecy in the news new developments: Antichrist treaty , Third Temple , The Antichrist religion of Islam, The Antichrist's army, The Jihad of Jerusalem, The False Prophet and his interfaith, ?The necessity of proper perspective?... more

Pope Francis labeled prophetic for all the wrong reasons, Wars and Rumours of Wars , Antichrist treaty plunging forward, , Famines, Islamic Jihad of Jerusalem found in Christian bible prophecy, Third Temple, "Giving and receiving support,... more

Will you Hide?, Third Temple in Jerusalem preparation! Middle East ticking time bomb, Muslims threatening war over Jerusalem is confirmed in end times prophecy, ?Muslim Union?, Two State Solution Antichrist treaty updates,... more
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