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New World Order: the uniting of the muslim world and the west, The Mahdi of Islam and the Antichrist, The rise of Islam in bible prophecy,Wars and Rumors of Wars, "Discipline: Beating the flesh into subjection!" and more!

Mark of the Beast and Transhumanism, Brain Implants and Artificial Intelligence, Islamic Sharia Blasphemy Laws in the United States, Obama and Pope Francis and the New World Order , "A DEMONIZED BIBLE & GLORIFIED QURAN",... more

World Economy and the Mark of the Beast! Sustainable Development, Obama and Pope Francis, The United Nations and End Times Prophecy, ?LET US BE IN REMEMBRANCE OF THE RETURN OF CHRIST AND HIS DIVIDE!? And more!

Bible prophecy of the Alien Agenda, The Changing of Laws and the Antichrist, Sharia Law, "SPIRITUAL WARFARE! Righteousness, Faith, & Casting away demonic principalities" and more!

Obama and his Islamic Overthrow of America, Sharia Law in the United States, Christians are now the terrorists, Strong Cities Network, Global Police State for Islam, Blasphemy Laws, OIC, bible prophecy coming to pass, ?Flesh Carnal... more

International Blasphemy Law being applied in the United States and bible prophecy, CHRISTMAS DARK DECEPTION, A WITNESS TIME FOR CHRIST'S LIGHT OF TRUTH!, and more!

Barack Obama engineering Islamic Prophecy to fulfill the role of the Mahdi, Islam in bible prophecy, The Antichrist and False Prophet, Global Islamic Caliphate and the New World Order, ?DEPTH IN PRAYER LIFE? and more!

The New World Order and Terrorism, The role of the Mahdi of Islam the biblical Antichrist, Islamic infiltration, Bible Prophecy of the End Times, Global Islamic Caliphate and Obama, Climate Change uniting world muslims, ?HOW MUCH... more

As the days of Noah and Flood of fire judgment, the solar flare, the Day of the Lord, World War 3, Rise of Islam,Don't give up, endure, and wait on the Lord! and more!

Terrorism to help form the New World Order, Global Surveillance Police State, Paris Attacks, Biometric Identification and the Mark of the Beast, The Antichrist and the False Prophet, ?GOODBYE TO COMPLAINING AND HELLO... more
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