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Our families are being torn apart by criminal rings operating in family and probate courts. Our food is unfit to eat. Our air is unfit to breathe, and our water contaminated from the pollution created by GMO's, herbicides, pesticides and fluoride. While we are made sick, those in government and the courts pave the way for the predators. We are under attack, but it isn't from unknown terrorists from the other side of the world. We know these people.....we elected them.

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Guests: Sylvia Hooper & Dorin Matthews Co-founders of Foster Parents Advocacy FPA Foundation is taking on the system in an effort to stop the forced drugging of foster children. It works to change the U.S. child welfare system (child protective services, family courts, and foster care ) from one of abuse and neglect to one of protection and support. ?Among the topics we will discuss is the involuntary drugging of foster children, Foster Care Corruption-Misconduct, false documentation. Violating parents rights and due process.?? Foster care agencies fail to follow poli?cy & procedure?? Abuse of power over the clients Over site Monitor is needed to take complaints and investigate complaints made about ACS and foster care agencies. Family court needs to monitor the treatment of parents by agency personel, attorneys and the courts??. Attorney's assigned are not helping the parents FPA-Foundation The people's movement works to advance the civil and human rights of people through advocacy, training, education, and public policy and legislative development. ?
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Join us this evening as we discuss trafficking of the elderly and how RICO applies not only to this, but to the subsequent grand larceny that occurs after the elder has been abducted by state actors. Probate court is nothing more than the... more

8:00 Lead Stories -- 8:30 Criminal and/or Insane -- 9:00 --What Jeff and Ruthie will be discussing is a new group the San Diegans for Secure Borders - Several separate entities have joined together in one voice - SDSB. A concept that must... more

Ruthie Hendrycks is President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of the weekly radio program –The Ruthie Report on the issue of illegal immigration here on TS Radio. Ruthie's shows air on Thursday... more

Ron Branson, founder of, joins the show this evening to talk about his experiences in attempting to hold corrupt judges accountable. Having taken 15 cases to the Supreme Court, Mr. Branson contends that there is no law and... more

Please join Ruthie this week at 8-10 pm CST April 4th, 2013 With Guest - RUSTY FLEMING NOTE: at 8:30 - Jim from the Texas Border Volunteers will be on the show to give us an 'Special Update' on what they are seeing for illegal entry -... more

Please join Ruthie this week March 28th, 2013 8-10 pm with Guest DAVE GIBSONNews 8 - C and I - 8:30 Guest - 9:00pm Many of you are familiar with Dave Gibson ...who keeps us informed on many of the crimes committed... more

Join us this evening as Debbie Coffey and John Holland discuss the ugly business of horse slaughter. Communities that have previously had slaughter plants complain about the horrendous smell, the terrible sounds coming from the... more

Beverly Newman, Elder Advocate, Florida, will co-host this show. Our guest this evening is Bill Sheidler from Washington state. Bill has been the victim of corrupt courts and attorneys who have reached the status of virtually "untouchable". On... more

March 22nd 2013, 7:00pm CST 5:00pm PST 6:00pm MST 8:00pm EST Debbie Coffey, Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, will co-host this show. If you were abe to view THE VIDEO POSTED BY TIM... more

We will be dicussing interviews from Americans of all ethnic backgrounds and ways of life on their thoughts and opinion on illegal immigration and the real results - We will also discuss THE DISCARDEDthe... more
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