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an in depth presentation and discussion on the developmental processes of the human being based on a personal study and an humble approach to the understanding of Al Qur'an & Bible for human excellence

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Where do we begin. Many inventions later, sold out patents later, divided territories later, uneducated persons later....................its time to take a step into the rifgt direction........many years later following the leaderrship of Imam... more

A freedom to beheld.. Valuing a belief in The Oneness of The ONE G-D!!!! Who is willing to take the lead and stand for Justice for all! The 13th Amendment was ratified mostly by the 36 states when proclaimed in 1865 but some ratified thei... more

Welcome to the KNOW ME / no me Ins-stitute prayerful journey. The youth are learning to present themselves. Getting to know the real "you" is a prrocess we use to make it easier to be in each other's presence. We want to stand as an... more

The entire earth is the place for the human being to perform. Locally, in each person's on mind. The mind being the earth also. Then each person connect their thoughts and produce an action. The action should inform others who aren't... more

What will the "you" in us look like when we put our total trust in G-D? What will the "you" look like when we truly forgive self and others, when we help someone less fortunate, when we think of more than ourselves, when we remember... more

Getting our thoughts together and remembering those who influenced our lives in a positive way , causes a ripple effect. We find ourselves doing the very thing that got us here. Wherever "here" is. Where is "here" for you? Have you made a... more

its all about getting to know yourself and putting your best foot forward, A closer relationship with the Creator of all. The One and only One The One. Treat everyone right. Live a good life. Pick up behind yourself and respect the... more

How many of us are individuals? Are we divided in our single selves or are we a whole entity ready to fulfill the duty required of an individual soul in a physical body? What type of work is required and for whom or for what is the work... more

G-D's Peace to all. Welcome to the fifth month of the Hijrah Calendar, Jumada al Awwal( what character of thinking is evolving from your thinking or desires)? Make The One G-D first and utmist in all decisions we make!!! Muslim,... more

We are in the fortieth year of the reigning of the clear language of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed,(raa) ( may G-D's mercy be upon him and he be granted a high station in paradise),in reference to Al Islam. Imam W. D. Mohammed( raa) is the... more