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an in depth presentation and discussion on the developmental processes of the human being based on a personal study and an humble approach to the understanding of Al Qur'an & Bible for human excellence

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The words that are needed to be heard are words to remind the soul of the human being of its creator! The One G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer..........ALLAH

Having two good feet and legs and the ability to walk tall is alright if what you want to do is model your physique or some clothing style. Having the best robust breast and a trim waistline and a high faluted rear is alright if what you... more

A sound foundation iphysically, is a solid flooring able to hold up any who stand upon it. Asound foundation spiritually, is a solid truth able to hold accountable any who believe in it. Are we ready to stand firmly on the foundation that there... more

Wherever the starting point is we have to line up and begin. Statistics of each state is very important in relation to the local muslim place of worship. What questions will be asked depends on the information received from each state.... more

Sawwai or the fashioned design patterend by The One G-D and lived out in the peson of Prophet Muhammad. Are yu consciously aware of this pattern? We all are in our physical forms, but that's not the pattern we are speaking of. The... more

Can we discuss what if takes to lead the way nowaday preparing or continuing the legacies of those before us. They did their part and I believe that the next steps are defining for us as leaders. Let's make the sacrifice and send our monies... more

GD's Peace to all. What do you think? Based on what we have invested in our young minds, do we feel they have what they need to lead a country. Well, they answered and shared what's missing. Being able to focus, special skills,... more

Our background has initiated much of what we do today, unless we have had a longing desire to find G-D. The interpretation in our mind years ago, of G-D, was associated with the thought of a flesh and blood person and it caused us to... more

Realizing that history or the story of the past lends much to be uncovered and then much to be released and renewed. The emotions are very much involved when ones have a mutual human developmental event affecting the future... more

We, as humans, respond to commands given to our brain, wherein an inner process takes place. Sometimes we have the availability of weighing the quest and sometimes we don't. Our conscience lets us know right from wrong... more