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an in depth presentation and discussion on the developmental processes of the human being based on a personal study and an humble approach to the understanding of Al Qur'an & Bible for human excellence

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YSB-Youth on a Soul Beat; KMnm-KNOW ME / no me; TBAMA - Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association; CWSC - Community Wide Shuraa Conference; FCMA - Florida State Conference; These are all genuine entities striving to bring... more

We are first introduced to this wonderful creation living inside of a wonderful creation. Our spirittual self has to be complete with head, trunk, arms, legs, hands and feet and all else that matters. Wverything we see physical with us is... more

Realizing the efforts needed to put our total trust in The One G-D is beautifully expressed by Imam Warith Deen Mohammed (ra). Developing a strategic process to live a balanced life is always necessary.

Every day is someone's birth recognition. None of us is an island. We do like to be acknowledged by those who know us well. We are a family with similar concerns and customs. Where do we begin in teaching every human, being... more

How big or small we feel, we can't stand still. The talk that we do as humans, then as human/nationality, then as human/nationality/religious affiliate, can become so misunderstood or mistaken as only the religion and ones hear what... more

Wake up from the age old sleep and realize we are being duped by the same crafty liar, Satan. G-D has the answer for us and the power to aid us . Here and now, let's begin to trust G-D greater than before. The mother of Isa(Jesus),... more

Every moment is precious. Sleep or awake! The Creator has made this livable environment quite adaptable for all human beings. Responsible and accountable are two of the attributes we need to hone in on..Let's start by being honest... more

We have ventured into many things here in Florida, the southern most state in the union. The United States of America! Our stand and our pledge for humanity's sake starts with the state or condition of our mind. The mental fortitude to... more

No man is an island! These words reminds us subconsciously that the right thingto do when he see ones in need or when we want to prepare for those that may become in need of somehing. We have an automatic responsive behavior... more

Wherever we start forth with an intent to do something, we must start out with the support and approval of THE CREATOR of all. We start by saying, With Allah's name, The Merciful Benefactor,Ther Merciful Redeemer. All things are possible... more