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an in depth presentation and discussion on the developmental processes of the human being based on a personal study and an humble approach to the understanding of Al Qur'an & Bible for human excellence

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The One G-D is ever present and all aware. Nothing, absolutely nothing, bypasses the consciousness ot The All Knowing. So the question is: What do we do now that we are informed of the thinking of some of America's citizens?

We have to be in the mode of really seeking the truth when we are wanting to grow and underestand our purpose for being. The who what when where and why is a start then the how comes into focus and then now wehat? We have... more

G-D's Peace to all. Let's have a brave conversation. You l, me and all the human possibilities.

Whereever there are people there is an opportunity to make life better. Children are always a center for attention, so we need to give them all the attention available. Now sometimes the attenrion they get is not exactly what they thoight... more

This is the month of Rabbi Ath Thani ( bending, folding over, repeat, doubling etc. Being quite appreciative of our LORD; and expressing it inwardly and outwardly ) The creation has its LORD and the human being is a part of creation,... more

People, places and things are located throuhgout this earth, but we humans make decisions to allow and not allow certain things and people to be useful in certain locations. What do we know about the laws governing everyone's and... more

We are here!!! Where is ' here '; ? Are we traveling in these body forms to wind up somewhere to participate in an action that involves other human forms? Do we use our thinking to interact with the current flowing of human abilities,... more

Trusting our immefiate surroundings is an automstic thought process for humanity. Animals sre a different case. Watch the family of animals and see how they are not readily trusting of the immediate environment. They hide their young... more

Leading and learning by example is the best teacher. Study the leader's role of 1500+ years ago. We have much we have benefited from. The musicians, philosophers. Teachers and more. Especially the Prophets