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an in depth presentation and discussion on the developmental processes of the human being based on a personal study and an humble approach to the understanding of Al Qur'an & Bible for human excellence

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This is yaum al jumah, Safar 27, 1436 on the Hijrah Calendar. The hijrah calendar is based on the lunar( moon ) cycle. The moon has been followed in its travels for the human being's deThisvelopment starting from birth and even before that.... more

The earth is filled with good souls and with those that have been persuaded to think that there is no G-D. When comes the help of your LORD, celebrate with praises to the Almighty. Don't shy away behind the events of others. Stand out... more

Jumah-Safar 20, 1436 - Friday, December 12, 2014 -Read Surah or chapter 18 - Kahf. This is the day in which THE LORD has made, so rejoice and be glad in it! When we see ones entering the way of humbleness and humility seeking... more

The courage to take a stand means to have a belief and a faith that the outcome of this belief will be an asset to the life of humanity. The faith has been established on the outcomes of the life of others who had an undying belief and... more

Putting the building blocks together to construct a livable process in our lives. Better communication begins by a simple process of speaking, then asking ' how are you", then finding common areas of concern followed by that which we can... more

We are borne, we occupy space in time and events occur during our life time. What are we doing, when, where, why, and for whom? What do we expect to happen with us as we age in time? Where are we headed in this frame of time... more

From the spiritual to the material designs is the expectation of all of humanity. The obligation, to give, is upon every adult person. Putting our obdedience to Allah (G-D ), is doing our best for ourselves and our family(immediate), and the outer... more

No one can live for another or bear the burden of another. Trust the womb of development we are in because it is the womb designed by THE CREATOR of all life, yet we are to live as though we are going to be here forever and work as... more

YSB-Youth on a Soul Beat; KMnm-KNOW ME / no me; TBAMA - Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association; CWSC - Community Wide Shuraa Conference; FCMA - Florida State Conference; These are all genuine entities striving to bring... more

We are first introduced to this wonderful creation living inside of a wonderful creation. Our spirittual self has to be complete with head, trunk, arms, legs, hands and feet and all else that matters. Wverything we see physical with us is... more