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Martha Burgess Novak

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Spiritual Teacher Author and Emotional Intuitive

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Join us on Sunday, 11/18/18/ for the continuation of our series on "How to Be Happy". We all have the marvelous opportunity to be happy but for the reactions we have learned to have. This show takes you beyond them and right to the heart of "the art of happiness". Easy access to this live radio show is through Martha's website, www.marthaburgessnovak.net. The show is broadcast over Blog Talk Radio and Facebook Live simultaneously. Be sure to check out Martha's archived shows on Blog Talk Radio, Facebook Live, and YouTube. We so appreciate your support of our show and ask you to follow Martha, share the shows, and like us on social media. It means the world to us that you take an interest in our well-being as a company just as we take an interest in yours. Thank you!
  • by Martha Burgess Novak
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  • 01:30
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Join us for a delightful show on how to be happy and the consciousness it will take to bring this forth in our lives. We will be discussing all forms of happiness and how to sustain it. This show will be broadcast on Blog Talk Radio and... more

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Continuing our show for 9/23/18, Martha is talking about all the ways we sabotage ourselves by being uncooperative with Spirit. She is talking about why we are being uncooperative, what we can do instead of this egoic child's mind pattern,... more

Today's broadcast, on Sunday 9/23/18 at 10AM, is about what it means to be cooperative with Spirit. How indeed do we go about aligning our conscious and subconscious minds? How indeed do we create a more powerful inner... more

Today's show is "How to Be Happy". So many people aren't happy these days or are only happy intermittently. Let's find out what we're doing to undermine this wonderful emotion. This show will air live on Sunday, 9/9/18, at 10AM EST on... more

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