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Dr. Marriah Star is the Artist-in-Residence at Curry College. He produces Sound Culture, a Sonic Sampler of the Cultures of the Curry College Community, accessible at SoundCloud. On The Wisdom Hour, he discusses his transition from a hippie community in Tucson, AZ, to academia, and he talks with guests about their transitions. This show features rational mystics and mystical scientists who explore wisdom from every possible angle.

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I will discuss how to deal with stress in life.

I will discuss the value of the humanities in a society, especially in education. I will discuss the idea of The Two Cultures, presented by C.P. Snow in 1959. "In his 1959 Rede lecture The Two Culture,s C.P. Snow contrasted what he... more

I will discuss the problems of 21st-century education and how to solve them.

I will discuss Buddhism. Siddhartha was an Indian Prince who rejected wealth and decided to become an ascetic. That didn't work. He tried every possible way to reach enlightenment and nothing worked. So, he sat under a tree for 45... more

What is it like to enjoy the moment? You have to experience the world through your five senses. You have to listen. You have to touch. You have to taste. You have to see. You have to smell. Right here, right now

I will talk with Kim Chestney about her spiritual path and professional work. Kim Chestney is a writer, artist and advocate for intuitive living. She is the author of "The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual... more

I will talk about the importance of developing your memory and creating mental maps of the world. I will discuss the difference between memory and remembering: Having a great memory is really helpful; Always remembering the... more

I will discuss the nature of dreams and dreaming.

I will discuss the problems of globalization and how to fix them.

I will talk with Lauri Whitted about her spiritual path and professional work. Lauri Whitted, HTPA is a Healing Touch practitioner, a High Touch Jin Shin practitioner and a compassionate intuitive counselor. Healing Touch is a heart based... more