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Dr Marriah Star

United States, EnglishSpirituality

Marriah Star, Ph.D., is the author of "Threading the Needle: How I Did the Impossible... And You Can Too!", available on at On The Wisdom Hour, I talk about my own transition from a hippie community to the academic elite and I talk with my guests about their transitions. This show features rational mystics and mystical scientists who explore wisdom from every possible angle.

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I will talk with Vito Mucci about his spiritual path and professional work. Vito Mucci is the founder and inventor of Manifestational Restructuring. He is a collective synergy of many fields. He loves to use everything from the most... more

I will talk about how to create your ideal life.

I will talk about how to use your imagination to transform your life.

I wil talk about how to improve your imagination to enhance your creativity.

I will talk about the assumption of intense sensitivity in spiritual awakening. Many people experience brighter colors, louder sounds, stronger physical sensations of touch, smell and taste when they experience an awakening, and this is... more

I will talk about the nature of human imagination and why it is important to develop.

I will talk about how to navigate the three levels of reality. As a child, you know only one reality because you don't have a sense of self yet (that does not develop until you are a teenager). Your sense of the entire world is limited to your family... more

I will talk about the comic strips Zits, Ziggy, Helen Sweetheart of the Internet, and Boondocks. In Zits the teenager is told a buch of inspiring truths by his mother, but her thinks of them as a burden. This demonstrates that many people think... more

I will talk about the pros and cons of living in the information age. Pro: You have instantaneous access to information all over the world through your cell phone, your laptop, and other electronic devises. Con: Most people follow the path of... more

I will discuss how to deal with stress in life.