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What is wisdom?

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Dr Marriah Star

Dr Marriah Star


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I will talk about how to improve your communication skills.

First, recognize what you should NOT do:

1. You should not talk constantly without giving people a chance to respond. You should never just listen without expressing one comment or question every 5 minutes

2. You should not talk about yourself or your life without making a point or expressing a theme. 

3. You should not tell stories. You should relate stories by keeping them as short as possible, preferably one minute.

Second, here is what you SHOULD do:

1. Know yourself as well as possible so you can summarize your story to yourself and to other people as quickly as possible. 

2. Ask questions to yourself, answer your own questions, and ask other people the same questions. Ask other people questions only if you have already answered them yourself. Ask people lots of questions. 

3. Ask what, when, where, and who at the beginning of any conversation, but spend the rest of the conversation on why and how. 

Third, structure all of your communication. Never simply share. 

1. Realize that people cannot handle too much information, but they remember in 2s and 3s, so always label your points with 1,2,3 or a,b,c. If you don't do that, people will not remember or understand what you say. 

2. Know that structure matters, but sequence does not matter. Communicate in whatever sequence you wish, but you need a structure. 

3. Make sure you can elaborate on any point with at most three points for every point in an infinite tree of details: 3 examples for every point. 

If you don't do these things, you are not communicating no matter how well you think you are communicating. If you are not communicating, you are not relating.