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What is wisdom?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Dr Marriah Star

Dr Marriah Star


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I will talk about how I lost my self control after I lost my relationships and my sense of self. I will discuss how I learned to define my identity by being a global citizen.

I will discuss what an ideal culture, an enlightened culture looks like.

In an ideal culture, every person has triple consciousness: Every person combines knowledge of Self with knowledge of relationships and knowledge of the world simultaneously.

I will discuss what happens when people with single consciousness at different levels of reality interact with each other, either as friends or in a romantic relationship.

What happens when two or more self-absorbed people are friends or lovers? What happens when a self-absorbed person is in a relationship with a person who thinks about about the relationship, not about the Self? What happens when a person who cares about the Self or about relationships is romantically involved with a person who cares only about the world through professional activities?

I will discuss how degrees of control shift from the self to a relationship to the entire world. What happens when you grow up thinking you have total control over everything? What happens when you feel you have no control over anything, including yourself?

I will talk about how technology is giving us increasing control over everything, but we cannot handle it because we have been accustomed to living in a world in which we have no control. When you suddenly use technology that gives you the illusion (not the reality) of total control over yourself, your relationships, and over the world, what happens? I will argue that it leads to despair, depression, and the loss of the ability to enjoy life.

I will talk about how a healthy person has perfect control over his or her thoughts, emotions, and body, some control over relationships, and no control over the entire world. An unhealthy person has no control over his thoughts, emotions, and body.