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Dr. Marriah Star is the Artist-in-Residence at Curry College. He produces Sound Culture, a Sonic Sampler of the Cultures of the Curry College Community, accessible at SoundCloud. On The Wisdom Hour, he discusses his transition from a hippie community in Tucson, AZ, to academia, and he talks with guests about their transitions. This show features rational mystics and mystical scientists who explore wisdom from every possible angle.

On-Demand Episodes

These are Sound Culture Slices that will air on WMLN-FM at Curry College 1. Born in Hungary, Les Muray developed an undying love for his father and his home country, which he expresses through Hungarian folk music and a rock... more

Benjamin Couwenberg is the creator of the online magazine Consciousazine (www.consciousazine.com). I will talk with him about creating harmony, balance, and living livable sustainable lifestyles. He is a veteran of the tech spirit... more

1. As a teen, Brecken Chinn came to embrace her German heritage exploring the "big sound" of European synth pop music. Years later, this Curry Communication professor discovered something surprising about herself as she fell in love with... more

I will talk with Danielle Haik about her spiritual path and professional work. "I am 31 yrs. old. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my family. I grew up on the east side of Michigan in between Detroit & Ann Arbor. I came to west Michigan to... more

I will talk about leadership, influence, and power in society. I will discuss how leadership, influence, and power manifest in the work place, in the home, and in the lives of women. I will share the story of Dana Born. who talked... more

I will talk about the self-aware music and lyrics of Lorde, whose song "Royals" demonstrates both aspiration and resignation. I will discuss the power of the human voice when singing acapella. I will discuss the ability of hit songs to... more

I will talk about how to improve your communication skills be improving your thinking skills, and improving your thinking skills by improving your observational and feeling skills. I will talk about my recent experiences having conversations... more

I will talk with Elizabeth Rose about the reality of spirituality. A lot of people think of spirituality as just entertainment. They haven't done their homework. They don't have a sense of their spiritual paths. They expect psychics to read their... more

I will talk about the inevitable economic inequality in America that has resulted from the structural problems in the United States. 1. The United States has opened up access to higher education and professional careers to women and... more