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Marriage Rules Christian Way

Marriage Rules! The Christian Way


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Is your Christian marriage lacking in sexual intimacy? Are you ready to get rid of that elephant in the bedroom? Then let's talk about HOW to do that.

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Episode 47 - How to Tell if Your Spouse Has a Mental Illness It's easy to spot physical illness and know when you or your spouse is not feeling well. But spotting and identifying a mental illness is very different...and VERY important!... more

Episode 46 - Government Shutdown Teaches Us How to Avoid a Marriage Shutdown The Federal government has been shutdown for over a week at the time of this radio show, and the reason for the shutdown and the repurcussions... more

Episode 45 - How ALL Women Use Sex as a Weapon You may not realize it, and you certainly don't want to admit it, but the truth is that you are using sex as a weapon in your marriage. All women do. In this show we will discuss: Different... more

Episode 44 - How Do You Have an IDEAL Marriage? You probably have some "ideals" when it comes to your marriage and your spouse: What you want your relationship to look like How you want to feel Things you want to do with your... more

Episode 43 - ARE YOU MARRIED TO A PORCUPINE? Does your spouse ever feel "prickly?" Do they say or do things that have a major "sting" to them? Is it hard to feel close to them--like there's a wall or a barrier that they won't... more

Episode 42 - When Do You Call it Quits in Your Christian Marriage? Most of us Christians believe that when you get married, you are married until "death do you part" or longer...and "for better or for worse." Marriage definitely has its "worse"... more

Episode 41 - How Do You "Submit" to Your Husband in 2013? As a Christian woman, you are probably familiar with the scripture that says, "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands." [Ephesians 5:22 or Colossians 3:18 And... more

Episode 40 - Is it Healthy for Kids to Hear Parents Having Sex? "I live in fear of being heard by the children" is a common concern for many Christian wives and has a direct effect on the marriage relationship. In this show we will... more

Episode 39 - How to Avoid an EMOTIONAL Divorce More and more marriages are suffering from an EMOTIONAL divorce instead of a LEGAL one. One or both spouses have "checked out" emotionally and perhaps even physically but have... more

EPISODE 38 - HOW YOUR CRAP THINKING IS REALLY FERTILIZER FOR YOUR PUROSE Do you ever have any negative thoughts? Have you noticed a "theme" to them? Did you know that they are giving you a powerful message?... more