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Is your Christian marriage lacking in sexual intimacy? Are you ready to get rid of that elephant in the bedroom? Then let's talk about HOW to do that.

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EPISODE 57 - WHAT UNSPOKEN MARRIAGE RULES ARE DESTROYING YOUR MARRIAGE? Believe it or not, we all have "rules" in our marriage that are unspoken, unwritten and unconscious, and we play this destructive "game" with... more

EPISODE 56 - SAME SEX MARRIAGE CONTROVERSY - WHAT IS GOD'S STAND? With the Federal court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), in essense, it has made same-sex marriages legal at the Federal... more

Episode 55 - HOW TO MAKE A NEW MARRIAGE FOR THE NEW YEAR Well, it's that time of year again! The time most of us make new year's resolutions. So have you made a new year's resolution about your MARRIAGE? Did you know... more

EPISODE 54 - HOW TO AVOID STRESS IN RELATIONSHIPS DURING HOLIDAYS Did you know that in December: the average couple argues 4 times a day--a total of 124 arguments during the month? 20% of couples... more

EPISODE 53 - JEALOUSY IN MARRIAGE - HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH IT? It's very common to experience jealousy in your marriage--whether you see your spouse talking with someone of the opposite sex, or your mind starts creating... more

EPISODE 52 - HOW DO I BALANCE MY MARRIAGE AND MY BUSINESS? This is a common question we get asked MANY times. Wives today are typically working and the challenge comes in as to how to balance family life and... more

Episode 51 - Is it True that the Spouse Who Holds the Power Cares the Least? On this show, we welcome our guest Dr Charles Rawlings who is going to be speaking about power and control in a relationship. Is it true that the more you... more

Episode 50 - Overcoming Obstacles to the "Big O" Do you have a difficult timing climaxing with your husband? Are your "Big O's" inconsistent or even non-existent? Do you want to have more power and control over your climaxes?... more

Episode 49 - 10 Secrets to Being a Sexually Satisfied Spouse Are you feeling unfulfilled, dissatisifed or that something's lacking in the bedroom? Do you wish you enjoyed sex more with your spouse but just don't know how to make that... more

Episode 48 - 10 Things Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew About Sex Many wives complain that their husband is always asking for sex--and they just don't understand why--especially when he just had it the other day! Would you like to... more