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During this hour with Marnie and Cherrilynn Bisbano you'll discover: The different types of listening? (active, passive, hostile, inviting) How to listen with your entire body. Why people sometimes assume you are not listening and how to indicate that you are tuned into them. Distractions that cause you to become a poor listener. What to say and not to say while listening. What you can do while listening without jeopardizing the communication. Non-verbal signs and why they are important. Confirming you've heard correctly without sounding demeaning. How to become a better listener. Cherrilynn Bisbano teaches communication skills at various religious and commerce events. She was a Multi-Media Specialist with the Rhode Island Air National Guard for 10 years where she was the liaison between generals, senators and non-government officials, holds an Associates Degree in Communications, and was an instructor with the Military Leadership Academy for three years teaching professional and interpersonal communication skills. Learn more at www.WomenSpeakers.com/speaker-profile/1092
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Suspecting that a friend, ministry partner, or attendee may have been wounded by sexual sin can lead to feelings of frustration, helplessness and awkwardness. Today's guest. Ellen Dykas, takes the terror out of this forbidden territory as she... more

Miracle [noun]: a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. Mantra [noun]: a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is... more

During this hour-long training with Marnie and Robert Pagliarini you'll discover: 1. How you know when it's time to consider hiring a coach. 2. Understanding the cost of coaching and its ROI (return on investment). 3. How coaching differs... more

Today's guest, Kathryn McKinnon. holds a Harvard MBA and 32 years of corporate and entrepreneurial business experience helping hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs create order out of chaos to change the way they... more

Today's guest trainer, Cindy Ashton, is a speaking voice & presentation skills trainer, singer/entertainer and speaker with over 15 years experience touring & training all over North America, on multiple platforms. She has received awards... more

How did Wikipedia get tens of thousands of people to invest their time for FREE to create its content? How did Tom Sawyer get his friends to paint the fence? Throughout the years, KerenMarie has been asking those exact questions and,... more

Corporate to Cozy Christmas Events: The 10 Critical Components with Marnie Swedberg & Anne Thornley-Brown During this one-hour training program you'll discover how to rock your upcoming event, whether corporate, community,... more

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How to Get Your Story into Your Target Media Including TV, Radio, Newspapers, Blogs & Magazines During this hour-long training program with Marnie and special guest, Dan Janal, you'll discover the keys to media coverage: 1. Scouting:... more
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