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Practical, doable success strategies for you! When you are ready to be inspired, equipped and energized to live life to the fullest, join Marnie & friends! Training zones: Faith, Family, Food, Writing, Speaking, Media, Managing, Marketing, Event Planning and more!

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This week on Marnie's Friends! Join Marnie as she talks with award winning author Leslie Householder about how to balance your wants with what God wants for you. Learn how to increase your income by doing what you love! In... more

Planning an upcoming event? Want to know how to make that event the most memorable one possible? Join host Marnie Swedberg as she talks with wedding planner, Samantha Dockery about the "keys" to hosting a memorable event!... more

This week on Marnie's Friends you can learn the story behind three of today's most popular women's Bible Stuy books as Marnie interviews their authors: Sue Ellen Estes, Joanna Weaver, and Mindy Ferguson. Tap into the full collection of... more

Confused about your best options for luggage? Need some current air travel tips? Air travel tips from Dan Poynter. Dan travels over 6000 miles a week, has been around the world 12x.

Best Unique Strategies for You from Janet Perez Eckles. This beautiful, brave, bilingual, blind, book author shares how to Ignite your passion to overcome and soar to success no matter what!

Join Marnie and Amy Ricalde on Blog Talk Radio or at (646) 727-2510 Training notes available at Why and How Your Voice Can Add Power and Profit to Your Potential. Amy Ricalde is a... more

1. Realize Your Uniqueness. 2. Re-Align Your Relationships. 3. Re-Evaluate Your Priorities. 4. Re-Establish Your Goals. 5. Re-Visit Painful Places. 6. Re-Position Yourself. 7. Re-Connect with God.

Here's just some of what you'll learn on today’s show about Feeling Loved: * What you can do, step-by-step to feel God’s love every single day from now on – no matter how distant God has seemed until now, no matter how busy you are! *... more

Branding Basics Show notes available at Dr. Laureen Wishom is hailed as the "Million Dollar Solutionist" and joins Marnie in a discussion about branding basics: Why are Brand Image and Brand Style... more

How to Find, Work with and Encourage Meeting Planners Click HERE for Training Notes. Pam Farrel is a best-selling author, sought after speaker and President of Seasons Sisters. She has experience as a Director of Women and... more
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