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During this hour with Marnie and Cherrilynn Bisbano you'll discover: The different types of listening? (active, passive, hostile, inviting) How to listen with your entire body. Why people sometimes assume you are not listening and how to indicate that you are tuned into them. Distractions that cause you to become a poor listener. What to say and not to say while listening. What you can do while listening without jeopardizing the communication. Non-verbal signs and why they are important. Confirming you've heard correctly without sounding demeaning. How to become a better listener. Cherrilynn Bisbano teaches communication skills at various religious and commerce events. She was a Multi-Media Specialist with the Rhode Island Air National Guard for 10 years where she was the liaison between generals, senators and non-government officials, holds an Associates Degree in Communications, and was an instructor with the Military Leadership Academy for three years teaching professional and interpersonal communication skills. Learn more at www.WomenSpeakers.com/speaker-profile/1092
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During this hour with Marnie and guest, Lucinda Cross, you'll discover: How to go about branding yourself or your resources. The difference between a brand and a signature style, and how to design yours. What it means, and the importance of... more

During this hour with Marnie and Linda Olson you'll discover: What you must discover before you start planning. Where you must do first if you want to end well. The most important person at each event to connect with and why.... more

During this hour with Marnie and special guest, Beate Chelette, you'll discover: How you can use the advantage of awareness and why it's so powerful. A simple way to handle any painful or confusing feelings that awareness may bring to... more

During this hour with Marnie and guest, Lori DeWitt, you'll discover: 1. How to start with the end in mind and set exciting yet reasonable goals for your event. 2. How to budget including important factors you may otherwise forget, and how to... more

During this hour with Marnie and Pamela Lau you'll discover: The definition of authenticity in woman-to-woman relationships. The #1 thing that holds women back from truly investing in other women. Practical steps women can take... more

During this hour with Marnie and guest, Pam Perry, you'll discover: Ten secrets you need to know about social media in 2015 that will change how you do yours from this moment forward. The elements of a strong media publicity plan. The... more

During this hour with Marnie and Verna Bowman you'll discover the 6 - P's of WM success. Author/speaker, Verna Bowman has been involved in various leadership roles in women's ministry for nearly twenty years. Her experience in... more

During this hour you'll discover: What every wife wishes to be true, but isn't. The truth about ?falling out of love? and what you can do about it. The #1 divorce myth you must conquer today. How successful wives think about sex--and... more

During this hour with Marnie and Kathy Carlton Willis you'll discover: Why planners need so many ?touches? before they'll book you. Seven yes-getting techniques that work smart, not hard. How to trigger that mysterious ripple... more

During this hour you'll discover: What character is and why it matters. The secret test to know if you are leading with integrity. Where power comes from in leadership. How to operate as a leader in full authority. The one often... more
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