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Practical, doable success strategies for you! When you are ready to be inspired, equipped and energized to live life to the fullest, join Marnie & friends! Training zones: Faith, Family, Food, Writing, Speaking, Media, Managing, Marketing, Event Planning and more!

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Join Marnie and special guest Cathy Sexton as they discuss: 1. What productivity is, what it's not and why it often gets confused. 2. The three most common myths and misconceptions about productivity and why understanding them can help you establish habits of success. 3. The types of people who are much more prone to productivity issues and how to spot them before you hire them, or train them to be more productive if they're already on your team. 4. How to identify your ?Natural Productivity Style? to maximize your personal effectiveness. 5. The 7 reasons productivity is important enough to invest into:
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During this hour with Marnie and guest, January Jones, you'll discover the critical 10 steps for media success: How to 1. Find It! 2. Sign Up! 3. Write It! 4. Do It! 5. Host It! 6. Find One! 7. Archive It! 8. Recruit Some! 9. Promote Some! 10. Enjoy... more

Join Marnie and special guest Kelly James-Enger as they discuss: 1. How to identify potential markets for your writing. 2. How to choose your first article ideas. 3. How to write a pitch or query letter. 4. How to make your query stand out... more

Join Marnie and special guest Linda Breitman as they discuss: 1. Why your biggest battle is the one for your identity and how to assess your current status in the war. 2. How people lose their true identity and what to do about it. 3. How... more

Miracle [noun]: a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. Mantra [noun]: a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is... more

Marnie shares key strategies to help you deal with the disappointments in your life.

During this hour with Marnie and special guest WL Laney you'll discover: 1. The #1 key to turning adversity into advantage, where it's found and why it can be a two-edged sword. 2. Keys to reprogramming your psychological baggage as it... more

Not everything, not more than most, just, simply, what she could. Jesus said these words about Mary and He loved her for it. What if we lived our faith that way? What if we responded to the need before us — in the moment —... more

SPEAKER (and Other Women's Ministry) OPPORTUNITIES with MOPS & Stonecroft Join Show Host, Marnie Swedberg, and Special Guests, Sherry Surratt, CEO of MOPS International Lorraine Potter Kalal, CEO of Stonecroft Ministries... more

Join Marnie live from the Ludington Chamber of Commerce for this 90 minute training during which you'll discover Marnie's: Key to Saying ?No? – And, how to say ?Yes? to success every time Daily To Do Template - Never miss... more

During this hour with Marnie and guest, Dana Wilde, you'll discover: 1. Cycle of perpetual sameness and how to break out of yours. 2. First steps to change. 3. The power of mantras and the use of ?perfect language.? 4. The value and... more
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