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Mark Mezadourian is an intuitive specializing in connecting with Angels and Masters. He created the nine week Daily OM course "Angelic Infusions: Live the Truth of Who You Are", as well as other audio programs. Mark also offers private Angel Readings, workshops and weekly Angel Circles. For more information or to download free meditations, please visit:

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We'll get our attention back on what is working, what is actually happening and off of circumstances. Instantly download mp3's and get information on events and readings at Facebook page: Mark Mezadourian -... more

We are always doing our best. Everyone is. This is true even when something happens that is dissapointing to us. This show will focus on loving yourself in moments where you feel something is wrong. We'll talk about how to shift your... more

Where does your mind go to? Is it pondering things that you actually want to happen, or is it replaying events from 1998? We have the choice to interrupt our thought patterns and choose to focus on what we want. We'll discuss and... more

Our focus has power. While we are in the process of creating the conditions for partnership to come forward, there is often a quieting of the mind as we focus on ourselves. This peace can shift when we get triggered, either by a new potential... more

The old energies of our lives need not influence our present and future. We'll spend this time engaged in the present moment, and in that space, honor the past. Instantly download mp3's and get information on events and readings at... more

Being clear about what you want seems to be obvious. But have you actually done it? Is it written down? Or is just an idea? In this show, we'll talk about the choice to be clear and the actions that support it. Instantly download mp3's and... more

As we engage in partnership or in simply getting to know someone, our desire for certainty can lead us into examining everything the other person said. A simple shift in focus reveals a lot of information - noticing their actions. Do they... more

All of us have guides. They are here to help us with guidance and support - it's their job! Our job is to engage with them and listen. This is a relationship that we can nurture and strengthen. During this show, we'll talk about the ins and... more

What is the Divine Masculine? Who is a model for that energy? In this show, we'll delve into both the Divine Masuline and Feminine and see the connection with what is happening on the planet.Instantly download mp3's and get... more

Being visible is a choice. It one we can do now with ease. This was not the case in the past, when being intuitive was not safe. We'll take action during this show to shift the energy stored in your DNA from past lives and your ancestry around... more
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