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Social Security disability benefits exist to protect the worker who has paid into the social security system and now cannot work due to a phsyical or mental impairment. Unemployment benefits compensate individuals who are "ready, willing and able to work" but no jobs exist. Often times, people collect unemployment while waiting for a disability determination. Is this allowed? Join Scott Daniels and Brian Mittman as they explore this very common issue.
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New York Disability Attorney, Brian Mittman, founder of The Disability Guys and Disability University discusses the importance of medical treatment, what an independent medical exam really is all about, how a disabled individual can... more

No one wants to be in the horrifying position of having to apply for social security disability benefits. No one ever expects to get hurt on the job and find themselves unable to work and earn an income. But if and when it happens, will you be... more

Getting hurt at work is far too common these days. If a person is injured and becomes unable to work, are they still able to get paid? Can they potentially sue their employer for damages? Who is responsible and what if the employee is at... more

The Social Security Administration is denying close to 75% of initial disability applications. That means almost 8 out of 10 applications are denied. In every state you can appeal these decisions and in most states, your appeal is... more

Social Security disability claims are not automatic and not everyone is entitled to them. Before a person can receive benefits, they must adhere to a complicated application process and possibly even a judicial review at a hearing. Join... more

Federal social security disability claims are not easy to win. They must be proven with specific medical evidence, physician opinions and a host of other things. The federal government does not make it easy to obtain these benefits and proving... more

Social Security Disability claims are not automatic. In fact, the government is denying these claims at record numbers. The national denial rate upon an initial application is somwhere around 75%. That means over 7 out of 10 people are... more

Social Security Disability claims MUST be proven. They are not automatic and the determination process is lengthy and complicated. So is there a way to guarantee that your claim is approved. The short answer is NO. But knowing what... more

An application for disability benefits is just the beginning in an effort to obtain financial and healthcare benefits from the federal government if you are unable to work. There is a strict evaluation process that every individual is subject... more
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