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The Market Ticker Talk Radio! Come talk about the Capital Markets along with both political and business issues related to them.

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That's what Washington DC is these days. Various people "decry" the empty gun store shelves, but perhaps the people have woken up -- finally -- to the fraud machine that is Washington. Perhaps the people are finally realizing that if they... more

We've all heard about the "fiscal cliff" -- and now those who were supporting The President have just discovered that -- surprise -- they got taxed! So what's coming? A lot worse, and in a big hurry, especially if the government tries to... more

There's not much intelligent dialogue on Newtown and policy responses, if any, that we should make. There should be. And we, the people, should demand that those who want to make policy pronouncements conform to what we know to be... more


Oh give me a break. Bohener is out of his f@$ing mind, as is Obama. We'll go through the latest load of bilge from both of these clowns, and shred it all.

Just plain amusing. The holiday season is allegedly off to a "Good Start." Uh huh. We''re going to go over how they scam you during this time of the year in the investment world, how you can arm yourself against it (it's not easy!) and... more

2008 Anyone? Yeah, that's a nice rally. Let's talk more Fiscal Cliff and why taking your cues from the lamestream media is probably not such a great idea.

Well now it's over, and the Fiscal Cliff looms. Understanding what's really going on with the government statistics and how it all fits together is arguably the most-important thing you can do right now. Take the red pill with Tickerguy....

This deserves a blogtalk before the election, along with Sandy and NYC. As I have been known to say "Here it comes!"

Here we are, two weeks off the election with an effective "dead heat." And into this, one of the biggest market bubbles of all time, all in places where you really don't want it. Was Friday a warning? We'll go over the facts and figures.
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