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The Market Ticker Talk Radio! Come talk about the Capital Markets along with both political and business issues related to them.

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Bernanke & AIG, The FDIC .vs. local banks, CDS abuse, Mark to Market accounting, The Market's sickening plunge last week and much more.

Confidence: The primary driver of what's going on in the markets right now. Plus BAC's "mismarked" balance sheet, Treasury's own views on massive issuance, Citibank's dilution (along with the government lying AGAIN) and more.

Nationalization of banks? What's with FIFTEEN YEARS of knowledge of these frauds and more than 10 years of no trades? Housing plan announced; its a joke. What's with protecting "homeowners" who lied on their mortgage applications - a... more

The Porkulus bill passed and will stimulate... nothing. There's a new mortgage plan allegedly coming this week, GM (especially) and Chrysler are under the gun, with the UAW once again playing games, and finally public pension systems... more

What's up with this "stimulus" bill, and how about TARP II/TALF and whatever other alphabet soup nonsense that Treasury and The Fed are cooking up?
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