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The Market Ticker Talk Radio! Come talk about the Capital Markets along with both political and business issues related to them.

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Green shoots my tailfeathers. The GDP report dissected; a discussion of the future and what the market is claiming is "real" .vs. on-the-ground.

We can solve the housing and credit crisis, re-base our economy at a sustainable level, and most importantly, make sure this never happens again. Join us for an hour-long discussion on the Market Ticker's Four Point Plan for economic... more

Why mortgage mods aren't being done and can't work - it's the math silly! Also Merideth Whitney's call this morning on banks, and Geithner's dissembling on CDS.

There are two types, and its critical to understand the differences. We'll talk about this, Goldman's alleged software theft, and more.

The government and Federal Reserve continue to attempt to perpetuate the gigantic ponzi scheme of "financing" and "securitization." Here's why it can't and won't work, and what you need to know to survive.

System liquidity: two for two on detecting drains and their impact. Why it matters, how to pay attention to this, and what it tells us about the "powers that be" and their mindset.

The odd case of the $134 billion in bearer bonds, Obama Administration Stupidity with financial regulation overhaul and much more.

You're being lied to (again) America. The bond market is about to detonate and you better be prepared. The government KNOWS THIS and yet REFUSES to do the right thing. Forewarned is forearmed - listen in for 60 hard-hitting minutes... more

GM Bankrupt, the market rockets higher Friday late. Huh? The FDIC is running PSAs and The Fed has lost control of the long end of the bond curve. We'll deal with the "hyperinflationist" screechers too. You don't want to miss this one.

A special hour - the first half with Mr. Mortgage covering the mortgage and housing mess, and the second half discussing the new Anti-Federalist Political Party - what it is, what it means
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