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The Market Ticker Talk Radio! Come talk about the Capital Markets along with both political and business issues related to them.

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The dollar sinks, equities rise. For how long? Nelnet lawsuit unmasked (thanks Wikileaks!); corruption in higher education and what we must do about it. Banksters still demanding politicians and regulator genuflection; we'll cover that... more

Secession is an ugly word and one that evokes strong responses, many from our nation's history. But is there not an argument to be made that Secession has already happened, and it is Washington DC and Wall Street that have... more

It is a FELONY in many states to accept a deposit while insolvent (as a bank); this liability attaches to every bank manager and director! It is time to TAKE AMERICA BACK - we will discuss exactly what makes a bank insolvent and how we can... more

Audit The Fed! We'll refresh the improper (and arguably unlawful) actions of The Fed, their game of "dodge-em" during Congressional hearings, and once again lay forth the ground for a sound banking industry.

Housing, banking, government and more. Glenn Beck blew the doors off it in a way everyone can understand, dove-tailing nicely with what The Ticker has written about for the last two and a half years. We'll both pull back to the wider view... more

Massive TeaParty in Washington on 9/12 - and Axelrod says its "not representative"? Dangerous words to your career sonny..... we'll cover the markets and economy as well.


Since when is threatening the detonation of the economy unless $700 billion is handed over "immediately" not economic terrorism? We explore how much rope is left upon which one can claim "green shoots" while the fundamentals... more

And down she goes, at least overnight. Shanghai led - again. We'll talk about the market, the economy, and why the so-called "recovery" is a bust, along with your calls.

Banking practices to screw you, a possible run-in-process, and America has gotten its notice of default; we explore the reason for the ramp in the stock market and the general outlook for the economy.
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