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The Market Ticker Talk Radio! Come talk about the Capital Markets along with both political and business issues related to them.

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We'll cover Bernanke's insanity, the hidden "bomb" in HAMP for those who thought the $8,000 "homebuyer tax credit" was a good deal, go through the 2010 Prognostication Ticker in full and more.

We'll talk about the "Christmas Season" - anecdotes some, facts as well, such as they are. Oh, and Fraudie/Phoney's extension and a preview of the 2009 "Year In Review" Ticker.

Dubai and of course the "FatCat Bankers on Parade" charade in Washington DC. Oh, and "financial reform" - yet another scam. We'll talk about it all, plus the outlook for the markets.

Copenhagen in the shadow of massive scientific fraud and what it says about us, along with the latest Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other fun. Come join us!

Amusing to find the most-reasonable response to idiotic lending coming from the middle east.... we'll cover this along with Bernanke's impending reconfirmation hearing plus lots more.

Health care, the dollar (again), tax receipts in for the 3rd Quarter at state levels, FDIC hiding of real estate resale values and a view toward Black Friday. Come join us!

It's all dollar - and what this means. We'll explore it all, along with the news of the day, including Dodd's "reform" bill.

The House passed the bill - we'll explore what it means, along with the G20 IMF declaration on the dollar. Our future is so bright you'll need UV 2000 sunscreen to withstand it. Unfortunately.

The mainstream media finally wakes up? Hmmm... maybe. We'll cover that, have a full corruption update and more. Come join us!

You've all heard of the "credit crunch." Now, in a rather ominous development, we explore what appear to be solid signs that contrary to the claimed "improvements" what is slowly being recognized - and kept quiet from the public - is that there is... more
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