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The Marketing Technology Blog discusses online marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, inbound marketing, conversion optimization, analytics, email marketing and social media marketing strategies.

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This week on the Marketing Technology Blog discusses the latest marketing technology on the web. We frequently have leading marketers and the founders of marketing technology companies that we discuss these platforms... more
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Marketing technology is one of the fastest growing high-tech business clusters in Indianapolis, with four recent IPOs or acquisitions alone representing 3,100 local jobs and $4.26 billion in market value. In total, more than 30 marketing... more

This week we discussed the incredible growth of Mobile Applications. The number of mobile application builders has exploded in growth in recent years - offering every business the opportunity to compete in a category that has a ton... more

There is a fundamental reality of the social web that is slowly killing your marketing strategy, whether you know it or not: The Physics of Social Media. Now, don't freak out. It's not complicated or boring, and it makes no mention of... more

We've been speaking through a ton of online video editing platforms, animation tools, production systems and even video collaboration systems lately on the Marketing Technology Blog. In this episode, we walk through some really great... more

We interview Jay Baer, best-selling author of Youtility and friend of the Marketing Technology Blog: If you're wondering how to make your products seem more exciting online, you're asking the wrong question. You're not competing for... more

Good friend, Erin Sparks of Edge of the Web Radio, sits in for Douglas Karr this week and discusses: - helps you combine and manage your email newsletter subscriptions. WHYAnalytics - an analytics package that helps you... more

The creator of Grow Your Business University, Jack Klemeyer is the founder of Grow Your Business Coaching a coaching company founded to bring high impact, result focused individual and group coaching to business owners to help them... more

Twitter, like any other platform, is just another way for people to communicate with other individuals. And there are certain ill-advised Twitter practices and fails that, while they may be questionable to even pull on Twitter, are even... more

We discuss Nick Carter's book 12 Seconds using social media at work, our dislike of verified accounts in social media, customer intelligence, retargeting on Facebook, and the 200 elements that impact your search engine marketing... more

This week we discuss the challenges marketers face in determining sentiment and intent from one of the founders of Swipp. A veteran of both startups and the enterprise, Chris has a deep track record in customer advocacy, most recently... more
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