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Edge of the Web Radio, sponsored by the Marketing Technology Blog, discusses online marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, inbound marketing, conversion optimization, analytics, email marketing and social media marketing strategies.

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If there were another colleague in the world that matched my excitement for marketing technology, it's Scott Brinker. I'm ecstatic to do this interview and help promote the amazing conference that Scott has launched - MarTech. Get your tickets now - it's coming up fast on March 31st. Scott has been an entrepreneur at the intersection of marketing and technology for some time. Before ion, Scott and his team ran a successful web development agency, which among other things built most of the web marketing infrastructure for Citrix. Previously he ran a web technology consultancy that built early web apps for CBS Sportsline, Tribune, the Miami Dolphins, and Fujitsu. And he started my career as a teenager, developing BBS software and dial-up multi-player games before the birth of the web. Scott graduated from Columbia University with a BS in computer science. He went on to get an MBA from MIT and an master's degree in computer science from Harvard University.
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Some people hate forms. In fact, nearly everybody hates forms. Fill this in, give me your details, do not pass go until you've told me you mother's maiden name. How rude! When you are pumping time and resources into designing your site,... more

Well, you've done it. You crossed that line, committed a budget to digital marketing. So you have your paid ads, your SEO, your Social Media – all running. Now that you upped your game, laying out more and more avenues in... more

So, you have set up a PPC campaign and now you're waiting for the leads to roll in…but they are not! Didn't you get sold on the fact that this will get you right in front of your prospects? Wasn't this supposed to be raining leads by now?... more

We talk about numerous strategies that can help your business succeed online, but we don't often bring a spotlight on our own client success stories. Well, we thought it would be great to do just that, as we are talking about Paid Ad... more

Have you been on the fence about deciding to run advertisements online? I bet you have heard stories, sometimes horror stories, about running ads on Google, Bing, and Facebook. If you have dabbled inside of Paid Ads, you may... more

There's certainly talk now of online security. There are reports of hacking of Sony by reportedly North Korea, as well as the ISIS hack on the US social media accounts. This is definitely something to be aware of. But companies are in a... more

Jumping into a new year obviously comes with the goal of doing some things differently – and that applies to your marketing as well! Let me ask you something – do you think that people have an easy time reading your... more

We wanted to take a break from our Digital Marketing focus and showcase the number of great interviews we had at the event we attended: Fail Fest 2014. This event showcased the environment of failure in business, and what entrepreneurs... more

What do you think will happen in 2015? Well, we're wrapping up our year of inbound marketing concepts for 2014 and we are about to dive into our predictions for 2015. What is going to happen in the world of social media, SEO,... more
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