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    The Wordtrack Used by Restaurant's Proven to Sale 30% More Items

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    It is important that your servers and/or anything else including online ordering up-sells high margined items on your menu when a customer is ordering from your restaurant.
    We have all heard the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" and this phrase proves essential to the word track that helps increase your upsells from your servers and/or online ordering platform. 
    The word track that has proven to work best in restaurants is "Most customers also order ____ with this meal." 
    There are three ways you are going to have the opportunity to use this word track and the those three ways we will touch on today. They are listed below:  
    1. Servers with Dine-In customers 2. Hostesses with Call in Customers  3. Online Ordering with take-out and delivery customers.
    Now that you know what word track to use when up-selling to your customers, what items should you be up-selling.  You of course are going to want to look at the menus including your food menu and your bar menu if you have one.  More often than not, if you have a bar at your restaurant and sell beer, wine, and/or liquor, those items are going to be your highest margin. 
    When it comes to phone in orders you must realize that your body language is now gone, you just have your voice and your tone of your voice. 
    When it comes to online ordering, you just need to make sure that after the customer makes the selection you will want to make sure that the correct up-sell and modifiers are in place so you can offer one of your high margined items for sale with what they want to eat. 
    When this is done right, you will see your restaurants tickets skyrocket by 30 percent and you will be yielding a higher profit from each table turned in your restaurant or from each take-out or delivery order you receive. 

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    Brothers For Real Radio Show

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    Brothers for Real is a radio show hosted by four real (Gatewood) brothers; Joseph, Robert, Leon and Curtis.
    The brothers are members of a family of 14 children (10 boys and four girls), raised by two amazing and loving parents during 50's, 60's and 70's in Wadesboro, NC.  They are now adults and contributing to society in various ways reflective of their upbringing.  Like most people, the brothers have experienced both tragedy and triumph.
    You are guaranteed to be informed and entertained as the brothers give frank, entertaining commentary on human relations, justice, economics, current events, education and just about anything else imaginable.
    The only thing predictable about this show is that the brothers will keep it real.
    So grab your phone or computer, your thick skin and join the discusssion.
    You will be glad you did!

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    How to Use LinkedIn to Rock Your Personal Brand

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    Discover how to use LinkedIn to rock your personal author brand. Listen as LinkedIn superstar, Viveka Von Rosen spills the beans on what you need to know about how to use LinkedIn to market your book.
    Viveka Von Rosen is author of "LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand" and she's the contributing expert to LinkedIn's official sophisticated marketer's guide. CEO of LinkedIn to Business and Co-Founder of Linked Prospecting, Viveka also host the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter. She has a whopping 30,000+ first level connections and a network of over 38 million people on LinkedIn, and 86,000+ followers on Twitter.
    In this powerful episode, we explore...
    How best authors can use LinkedIn to build their author platform
    How to avoid common mistakes people make using LinkedIn
    Essentials you need to add into your personal LinkedIn profile
    How to best to network and use the contacts you make on LinkedIn
    How to decide if you should use the free or paid version of LinkedIn
    To understand that LinkedIn isn’t a social media site but rather a pathway to relationships
    And much, much, more…
    This episode features practical tools and techniques to help listeners who want to market your book. It provides invaluable and powerful information listeners will want to know to supercharge a book marketing strategy. Listen to this week’s interview and discover how to get you and your book noticed in a crowded marketplace.
    To download a transcript of this episode #64 please visit http://bookmarketingmentors.com/interview-transcripts

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    The Beauty of Business Summer Tour with Fashion Designer Jazell Smith

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    Thank you so much for participating with “The Beauty of Business” Chicagoland Networking tour. At BOB Networking Tours, we have endeavored to develop and implement a plan with specific organized monthly events that provide a forum to help our partners showcase their business, brands, products and services. We have an awesome line up of women to interview that will share what measures they took to start their brand.
    For more informatio www.blklst.com