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Enterprise Marketing XX The Future

Enterprise Marketing: The Future


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The future of marketing is about seizing the moment -- being an agile organization to make the most of evolving opportunities to impact customers & profit.

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Feel like you're providing customers and prospects the ?right? information at the ?right? time as they travel through their buying journey? Having a 360-degree customer view that enables you to predict what they want and how to meet their... more

Does your marketing team have the know-how to leverage customer and market data to drive results? In today's business world where Big Data rules, it's not about working with the data, but extracting business intelligence necessary to... more

Operationalizing your marketing function isn't reserved for the Fortune 100 or even just large enterprises. Given constrained people and budget resources prevalent in many SMBs, getting your marketing programs launched,... more

Think operations is only a mundane, tactical role within the marketing function? Why are savvy marketers adopting this attractive discipline? Marketing operations pros can act as the change agents to increase marketing efficiency and... more

How aligned is your marketing function with development and operations to deliver timely results? Is marketing focused on ?marketing activities? without considering the development and operations teams contributions needed to... more

Ever wonder how Marketing Ops intersects with Technology to drive Marketing into the future? Marketing Ops thought leaders met in San Diego October 22nd-24th to discuss the challenges and prospective roadmap for achieving an... more

Looking ahead, how well will your marketing plan fit with… better yet, drive the corporate strategy? Is marketing acting with vision to demonstrate value or being viewed as overhead? Marketing Ops has a prime opportunity to contribute... more

Technology is seen as the ?Holy Grail? for streamlining marketing functions. Not so fast… Although Marketing Ops professionals recognize technology as a means to automate time consuming processes and tasks crucial to running... more

Mention ?Marketing Operations? and many Marketers think Technology or more specifically Marketing Automation. Typically, Marketing Operations assumes responsibility for marketing performance measurement, strategic planning and... more

Today's customers live, work and play in a real-time world. They get the content they want, whenever they want, on whatever devices are convenient to them at that time. And yet many marketing teams remain locked around old-school... more