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We are living in a critical time in history. Our government has all but abandoned us as a nation, our economy is crumbling, jobs are being lost at an alarming rate, tensions between nations are developing due to this crisis, wars are spreading through the Middle East, a massive police grid is being instituted here in the U.S., and there are globalist groups and quasi governmental agencies along with billionaire financiers and moguls who seek after a world government - a New World Order. If we do not take action as a people to take back our Republic, then- WE'RE HIT!!!

On-Demand Episodes

Mark Matheny will discuss the emergence of global governance through economic collapse,terror, and crisis.

A History of The Federal Reserve. We need an audit of the Fed, and the abolishment of the same to gain true economic control of our country.

I'll be discussing Obam'as recent visit, the economy, and more..

I'll discuss Obama's plans to circumvent a Republican donimated white house with Executive Powers - in other words Dictatorship

I'll be discussing various steps being taken to bring in a World Government -a New World Order.

I'll be discussing a new document released outlining the Elites plans for a coming world government.

The globalists are now planning for a world currency.I'll talk about all the details!

WE'RE HIT!!! RADIO WEEKLY REVIEW With Mark Matheny I'll be discussing how the controlled media mouth-piece shills cover up important topics asked with spin and sarcasm, by order of those in elite positions who control them.

Part 2 of a discussion of the Book of Revelation and the Coming New World Order.

Mark Matheny and Ron Stone discuss the fulfillment of Revelation in the coming establishment of a world government - a New World Order.
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