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What Does God Think About That?

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Christianity today can be confusing. There are so many churches and it's difficult to know which one to go to, what each one believes and how to choose a church that is a true Bible-believing church that will teach only what God says. 

There are many churches that do not teach exactly what the Bible tells us. There are churches that teach the Quaran and the Bible are the same and call this belief "Chrislam", this is wrong and a lie from the devil. Some churches teach that when you die there is no hell and that everyone goes to "Paradise", this is not true either. Some churches teach that "once saved, always saved", this is also a lie. Others teach that all roads lead to Heaven, but that is a false teaching as well. Only Jesus can lead you to Heaven. Some churches are called "mega-churches" because they have thousands of members and they teach only the "happy" things, or "feel good" sermons that don't tell the members that there are consequences for our actions after we die. There are even some who believe there is no God and when we die, that is the end and there is nothing more. Don't let any of these false beliefs leave you standing before almighty God and His Son, Jesus, to explain your life or why you didn't answer the call of the Holy Spirit to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. 

The Bible is very clear about salvation, Heaven & Hell; don't let false teachings rob you of your salvation, or lead you to believe that there is no Hell. Our spirits leave our bodies after death and we have to answer to God and account for our lives on earth - if you stand before God today, what will you say?

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In Christ,

Marie McGaha