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The online program will give MGP members the opportunity to connect with real time guest hosts who will provide helpful information on industry topics and trends as well as offer any helpful advice to those who tune in. Availability on iTunes and coming soon.

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This week on the drum, Think Fruition will be talking Social Media, its influence on our society, and the history of how digital media came to be what it is today. We will also be discussing the future of social media and how it will impact... more

This week on the drum, Think Fruition will be talking about women in advertising and the differences that are still apparent in today's workforce. We will also be discussing women who have been leaders in the advertising community and... more

TOPIC OF DISCUSSION: LONDON 2012! The Olympics and its effect on the world.

Today we will be talking about VOTING RIGHTS!

This week we will be talking about MINORITIES IN ADVERTISING.

This week we will be talking about The Power of Social Media! Special guest caller Daniel Maree, Digital Media Strategist at McCann Worldgroup and creator of the Million Hoodies Movement, will be joining us and telling his story!

This Sunday, The Drum returns with an introduction of the Marcus Graham Project's Summer Boot Camp Team and the agency that they have created, Think Fruition. During this episode the team will be discussing their early experiences... more

This week, we will be speaking with Jeff Lopez, the 21-year old CEO of Gloob Marketing, who is making waves in the marketing industry and has been for the last 5 years. (You do the math). Jeff Lopez founded Gloob Marketing in... more

Ignacio never believed he needed anyone's permission to change the industry he loves so much. That fearlessness inspired him to found IHAVEANIDEA in 2001, with the intention of creating a community-based publication that shared quality... more

On this Sunday's episode we will be announcing our selected summer boot camp team members and talking to them about the interview process and what they hope to get out of the boot camp this summer. We will also be discussing a... more
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