mara baldomino

Greetings beloveds,

Welcome to Mara’s Legacy radio.

My name is Mara Baldomino
This morning I am doing a practice test in preparation for the upcoming launch of this show. We will evolve very rapidly over the next few weeks please join me as we walk the footprints of the illumined pathway home.

With open heart center with truth and unification with First Source of the Creator. We now bring forth our insights in this blessed platform. What will be shared here is not centralized, nor is it based on religious principles or belief systems of one origin.

We are not a group we are the collective awakened ones now gathering to bring forth insights and prophecies …sharing our experiences and ancient ways. We have walked the unpaved pathway we are now ready to bring forth the teachings leading into the illumined pathway into Ascension home.

Our purpose is to gather and join together through the Universal field blending our hearts as ONE. Within this unification we learn how to open to your higher self. As we share with you higher intelligent light bringing you out of a fear based 3rd dimensional existence denseness…  pass the fourth

dimension guiding you into a place of "stillness" as you arrive at the doors of the fifth dimensional reality. Instilling in you a sense of trust in truth for the co-creation of a New Earth plane…where all that have chosen to experience this higher vibrational field in oneness and love for humanity.

At this time the plan to collectively awaken ten  to twelve million into consciousness…we are preparing their circuitry channels to live a love-centered life independent of the external views and events…this taking place over the next few years…as messy as it may get we will co-create with valor into 2012.

We now create communities based on this collective oneness. These communities will house the awakened ones including the children of the New Earth.

We will discuss briefly now the question that everyone is asking regarding 2012. There are many answers that hold the key and as the timeline nears we will receive more insights from the higher intelligent light of First Source. We gather prophecies and key elements that empower us to continue forth into dimensional vibrations at unprecedented rates.

Know that we have all incarnated here in this timespace leading to this one event. This process has been underway since creation of molecules, stars, angelic presence and into our current form. Many of us have incarnated lifetime after lifetime co-creating it all.

Earth is a unique planet amongst the many planets within the Universe….now nearing an alignment within the unified field of first Source in its luminous unique dance. We now discern that there is much occurring as Mother Earth is shifting with dimensional frequencies. Many are not aware that we are ascending dimensionally through timespace as this is the  plan of first Source in action-

We will present many topics in the upcoming shows- All information and insights are presented and guided by Spirit.

At times information from the Wingmakers materials as this is a truth based collective effort that has worked towards the goal of living a love-centered life since 1998. The information and teachings are free for everyone to share and learn from- holding simplistic truth and based intent. We will also share the WIngMakers music as they hold encoded words of frequencies of light and sound woven in a synchronistic way.

The plan is simple…to awaken the masses to live a love-centered life. In essence know that if you have incarnated at this time, wearing the human instrument. This was a choice and purpose planned by you and your higher self. The purpose is to experience this time and the alignment with the galactic center, and with the intensity of the creational beam of First Source.

You are here to now release the old system as they fall away quickly embracing the new reality of truth. Since we now remember our true purpose we hold great responsibility to aid the masses in ascending in unity and universal love.

My beloved sisters and brothers with appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor..We move forward down the illumined pathway ready for us all.

Blessing upon blessings…

My love is my gift to you.




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