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Manners By Marie

Manners By Marie


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Social interaction expert and life coach Marie Dubuque examines rudeness in the digital age.

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In this show, we are discussing the people who drive you crazy! The ones who want to compete with you, even though you don't want to!

How do you deal with a petty woman in the office who can't stop talking about her wedding, even after it's over? And, what do you do if your roommates hang out together, but don't include you?

Do you have friends who depend too much on your for advice? And what if it's a boss that is constantly looking to you for answers about personal problems? We'll talk about it. Also, do you ever feel consumed with anxiety about a problem,... more

What do you do when you someone constantly wants to get together with you, but you want nothing to do with them! Don't feel guilty! It is your life! You can socialize with you you want to, and you don't need an explanation. We discuss ways... more

I love Groupon! But I have a Groupon story to tell where it wasn't so fun! Also, if you have ever been to a restaurant with a large group of people who didn't pay their fair share, you need to listen to this!

How do you avoid exchanging gifts with friends for birthdays and holidays? We'll talk about it. Do you have friends who just zap your time and energy? How to reign in those needy pals.

What do you say to your crazy aunt who knows how to push your buttons? We'll talk about it. Also, how do you get friends to stop putting pictures of you on Facebook?!

What do you say to relatives who expect you fix them a home made meal every time they visit, but they don't invite you! And should you visit the people at your old job because you miss them, or try to move on? And, is it OK to... more

A woman wants to know is she should go out with some fellow employees, Also, how do you politely deal with back seat drivers? And my experience at a blow dry bar!

I want to grip about some of those annoying catch phrases that have become so popular including "really" and "sweet" or "nice." Also, what is appropriate to wear for a funeral? And how to deal with those people who constantly cancel at... more