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~ LIVE each and every Sunday @ 6:30pm EST~ Join host Anah Mae for real topics and discussions delivered in the rawest fashion. Fun, energetic, quirky, and simply irresistible. M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO... Live in the mischief.

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Join host Anah Mae in another sizzling episode of The Random Report. You know M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO always bringing the heat and there's no time to stop now! This time we're discussing men being men and of course women being women. Its 2015 and it would appear that the genders are attempting to switch roles. We've seemed to convince our women that they have to think like men in order to get or keep a man, but is this really true? Tune into The Random Report Reloaded and let's talk about the real! Follow host Anah Mae on Instagam and Twitter Follow M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO's show page on Twitter and Instagram Also like us on FACEBOOK ALL INDIE, UNDERGROUND, LOCAL ARTISTS, & MANAGEMENT can submit music and interview requests to to be played during the broadcast.
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M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO is "LIVE in the mischief" once again with "The Random Report". We regret to inform you that tragedy has struck again involving the NYPD.This time NYPD finds itself on the opposite side of the gun. Two New... more

Contrary to your ancestors beliefs there is nothing sacred about being sexual. Sex is so permissible these days that it has even become casual. In these circumstances it's hard to imagine ANY relationship being strictly platonic. Fire... more

As you may know, we just love to keep you up to date with what artists you should keep a close watch on. This time we want you to meet AN1 da Kid. So clean out your ear drums and prepare for another "LIVE in the... more

M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO would once again like to send out our deepest condolences to the family of Micheal Brown. We first shed light on this unfortunate tragic situation in episode "Power Has No Mercy". As we have watched... more

You aren't getting any younger yet you're STILL single. You've been dating for some time now but it seems as if nothing works. This might be you... Is internet dating the solution to your dating dilemma? Everyone else is doing it so why... more

We're back at it again with raw unfiltered truth! Join host Anah Mae "live in the mischief" with this week's Random Report. We have some exclusive tracks as well as some juicy topics for our listeners in this episode of M.A.N. M.A.D.E.... more

Its safe to say that our life experiences help shape us into the people we become. There are things and people who influence our thinking, behavior, and our character. So what is to be said about those of us who didn't have ANY... more

Some might say the basis of relationships has evolved in a number of ways. Others may say that relationships have been the way they are since the beginning of time... In the current dating world people seek to fill two positions, main... more

Most people seek to become successful but not all are willing to do what it takes. What is the price tag to success? There are many answers to this question depending on where you're going and who you ask; although if you're not... more

Rick James (may he rest in peace) told us, cocaine was a hell of a drug". Well we're beginning to think fame is one hell of an addiction as well! Join host Anah Mae in another "Random Report" this time the conversation is on selling our... more