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Man Law Live was created as an extension of the Man Law Facebook group. We talk about subjects that are important to men, go over the laws all men should follow and we may even have a special guest on our show from time to time.

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Sorry for the late update folks. Tonight's show will be dealing with the Ferguson situation. Instead of talking about what DID happen or what SHOULD have happened, we will try and fighure out what will happen NEXT. The laws we... more

What's up everyone? Tonight we discuss the various side hustles some of the co-hosts and the listening audiences have. Whether it's for additional income or just a hobby, we want to hear about it! We also take a little bit of time... more

What's up everyone? We are back and finishing up with the questions we started with two weeks ago from our female listeners. The laws we cover include: Fanning yourself- Correct decisions versus popular decisions- Consistency with... more

What's up everyone? If we can make it happen, tonight's show will be all fellas. The Loftons are on paid leave and Cheeky is out of town. That just leaves E-Dub, Mr. Crown & Coke and Flame to answer any and ALL questions you... more

What's happening people? Tonight we welcome a few members of #LegionOfFilth back to discuss turn ons and turn offs. We then switch gears to discuss the AWFUL situation of a 16 year old girl named Jada and how rape and extreme... more

Good evening everyone, we hope everyone had a fun 4th of July! This episode we get a little serious and look at the tragic death of Bianca Tanner, the case of a football player punching a female basketball player in the face and violence... more

THIS IS NOT A LIVE EPISODE!!! Hey there, everyone! Tonight we try to talk all things college. Why we did (or didn't) attend secondary school, the things we experimented in (sexually, drug related, courses of study, etc…), what we... more

Good evening everyone! Tonight, we welcome back the Legion Of Filth and open the floor to talk about fetishes, sexual fantasies and turn-ons! In addition to that, the 5 Man Laws we jump into tonight include: Fellas cutting coupons- Paying... more

Happy Father's Day! Tonight we are going to be speaking on wishing women a happy Father's Day, Halle Berry paying child support, a holiday for sperm/egg donors and whatever else you want to talk about. In addition to that, the 5 Man... more

By now, you've all heard of the stories concerning the baby on the wedding dress, the bridal party dancing to Drunk In Love and the YouTube reality show "The Real Babymamas of Richmond". People are gonna do stupid things and it's way past... more