It's Only Natural

Laurelle Sharpe

United States, EnglishHealth

All things Natural and Life Affirming. We will be exploring holistic living, nutrition, herbs, sexuality, relationships and self.

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This is about the positive vibes we can create at this challenging time . What herbs , foods and thoughts can we create at this time to really move us forward as we struggle. From a holistic perspective what is neeeded to be able to be very... more

How many of us go to church, temple or mosque and pray and praise the Lord, Jesus, Yahweh or God , and then get out in the street and totally forget what we have just spent all our energies proclaiming??/ The question of the night... more

Do you use a cell phone?? Who is your carrier? Do you have a contract with them, or do you pay some other way, that really adds up over the day. With all the new cell phones and other media that are targeting the Urban... more

ARe you wining in your life??? Many times people will have a session with me and we spend two hours or so talking about what is wrong with their lives. Tonight we are going to help you see that you are OK, and that your life is a glorious... more

Hello, tonights show will be a combination of the metaphysical and the practical, we will combine how to use the power of the mind to attract the job/career you want and also how to KEEP the job once you have it. This will be an ongoing... more

So many times we view television and hear the word "dysfunctional" , what does that mean? Are any of us truly "functional" or is this just part of the process. This evenining we will be deconstructing the terminology that labels us as not... more

Its ONLY Natural is about holistic living and health and how we can keep our minds and body well. "Illness is part of life. From the perspective of Buddhism, the important thing is to summon the courage to fight it with the determination to... more

This show will be to honor the life of Nichiren Daishonin. Sage , Scholar and Political Activism.

well, we are almost a quarter of the way thru the year, and it is time to review our goals!! Have you started on that diet, gotten rid of clutter, shut down that monkey chatter and cleaned house??? No!!! Me either LOL! It is an ongoing process,... more