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Does it matter if you are BLACK or WHITE? HISPANIC, ARAB or ASIAN or INDIAN even--when you get SICK?! As CORNELL WEST said in a different butt Relevant context: RACE MATTERS! Yassuh it sho does! In fact, it MATTERS for Any SPECIES of BEING (including ANIMALS) when SICKNESS or ILLNESS visits. And its at that partikular critical time that YOU need to UNDERSTAND & OVERSTAND how your BODY BEAUTIFUL is set to function due to your RACE; or better yet: Due to your ETHNICITY!! Of course, this is nothing new. Its ANCIENT. Yet mostly forgotten or overlooked--even scorned! However, its one of the Main reasons peeple continue to be SICK--they are suffering from MISDIAGNOSIS, which leads to the Rong PROGNOSIS due to lack of Rite GNOSIS! Join me in exploring how the MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has woefully failed the PEEPLE via decades of MISTREATMENT because they refuse to recognize in toto HOW we are the SAME yet DIFFERENT when it cums to HEALING the HUMAN PLANT.

-Dr. MooTwahz (folk doktor)-

(this information is only for your edification and education. Use it how you see fit in helping you co-partner with whatever medical doctor  you choose for your healing journey).

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