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This is Freek of Otakast's solo show, focusing on Manga and all of the culture surrounding it.

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Join Freek as he reviews one of the longest manga series in Japan: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Stone Ocean.

Tonight Freek reviews Mohiro Kitoh's first work, The Wings of Vendemiaire.

In this episode, Freek reviews another title from Mohiro Kitoh, Shadow Star Narutaru.

Tonight, Freek reviews the Mohiro Kitoh series "Bokurano:Ours" to start off the Mohiro month.

Today Freek talks about School Zone, a lesser-known, 15-chapter manga series by Kanako Inuki from 1996. It's one of the strangest horror/ghost story manga to grace the world. Don't miss it!

Today on Mangumi, Freek's gonna give you an inside look at the manga Black & White, which inspired the critically acclaimed film, Tekkonkinkreet!

Today on Mangumi, Freek covers the manga series Pokemon Special, based on the Pokemon video games.

This week's Mangumi will be discussing game-centered manga, such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hikaru no Go, Shion no Ou, and Akagi

In this episode of Mangumi, Freek will be talking about food manga, such as Yakitate!! Japan and Kami no Shizuku, giving his opinions on food manga and also asking why in the world Japanese people love it so much.

This episode kicks off the new show by discussing manga series from the Spring 2009 season, such as Beelzebub, Defense Devil, Kami no Shizuku, Ao no Exorcist, and Akaboshi. I'll also be giving you some information on some other... more