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Join us for MANDY MONDAYS! 3pm-4pm PST/6pm EST, every Monday! Experts with no expertise, THE MANDYS are two attractive, intelligent, extremely attractive comedy talk radio hosts exploring topics that will amuse, horrify, and possibly arouse you. Unless you're stupid. Then we can't help you. For more, check us out @

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Booze? Pills? betting on figure skating? What can't you live without you sick bastards? We want to know. Mandy can't live without the Golden Girls, while Mandy is jonesin' for a 7-11 tuna sandwich right now. Join us for this gripping... more

A special celebrity mystery guest will join us in studio to dish all the Hollywood dirt. Ever met a celebrity? Rubbed elbows with them? Rubbed other parts? We want to know all! Celebrity stories abound.

Ever been canned, axed, had your salad tossed? Er, we mean, fired? Come to Mandy and tell us all the gritty details. Ever had to fire a big loser? Or said "Take this job and shove it?" Call in with your crappy stories from the... more

We're a bad rash or a recurring nightmare. Tune in and call in and join the fun. Now we sound like Timothy Leary, who'll join us live in studio! wait, he's dead- well, maybe he'll just call in!

07's been heaven (or hell). It's our "Year in review" What's moved you (to drink)this year? What made THE MANDYS mad (enough to drink)? Let's all drink in the New Year and wring out the old! God, I can't stop...Love Mandy

The Mandys explore the secretive world of...SECRETS! Got any you wanna share? Ever told one only to be betrayed (those bastards)! Which Mandy has had a "secret shame"?

Wish you could wrap us up in paper and leather bows and give us to all your friends? Well, you can't. And you're weird. But you can share holiday gift stories with THE MANDYS. Best/Worst gift ever. Sexy gifts? Regifting? We want it all...

Cheating. Dirty, delicious, immoral cheating. Do you have a "somebody done somebody wrong" story? Call in and let us know!

Drunk aunts? Handsy grandpas? Boozy holiday stories abound, and we wanna hear them...while we enjoy a cocktail and ring in the season! Seriously, let's all get wasted!

This week, Mandy will dole out advice. Call in with problems (mental and emotional only, she is not a licensed medical practitioner)...Meanwhile, other Mandy will be playing with her feet...toes, ooooh!