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P2T is a "teaching ministry" and interactive bible study for MEN and WOMEN seeking TRUTH from the Word of God. Welcome to "P2T: Truth" Radio on Sunday mornings at 9:00am EST...P2T was created to be your "Spiritual Breakfast!" Come sup with us...

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Too many Christians are ignorant to the what Christ intended for the Sanctuary of the Lord to be. One thing for sure, it is NOT a "building" or multi-million dollar sanctuaries constructed at the expense of ministering effectively to God's... more
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The Blood and the Water are an epic reference to the depth and symbolism of Christ in annals of time. The Crucifixion of Christ is a profound tale of sacrifice and love. We will discuss the portrait of Christ on the Cross as seen through... more

The term "Organic Church" does not refer to a particular model of church. I want to focus on the "church" being a "community of Believers who are mobilized to be trained and equiped to actively engage and empower God's people in the... more

The show will discuss the Erosion of faith in the BOC.

There are many corrupt systems and paradigms "masquerading" as the Body of Christ. In particular, the "erosion of faith" is at epidemic proportions! There is a profound level of ignorance, confusion and manipulation spearheaded by... more

P2T Radio will be discussing the powerful revelation of Christ as the "Trinity of Truth." Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6) Come "dine" with us as we dissect this... more

The MM Uncut Team would like to thank all of our followers in MANDATE NATION for more than two years and 175 episodes of powerful truth and revelation that I am sure created glory for God in the earth! Tonight is our final... more

This morning on "Pathways 2 Truth" Radio we will discuss the "Paradigms of Praise & Worship." So much of the Christian experience is misguided theatrics centered around "ego driven entertainment." The vast majority of Christians DO... more

"Preachers of LA" has received a lot of attention from the reality TV circuit. These six preachers have garnered a lot of attention for themselves and their mega ministries. But what message are they sending to the world while they are trying... more

What do you look like when you are in the midst of adversity? Do you whine, cry and complain or are you steadfast and unmovable? Join us for our first Sunday Session on "The Road to Damascus" Radio Show. The RTD will be a 30-minute... more

The Sunday Sermon is the "sacred cow" of Christiandom! It has become a "polluted stream." You had better have a great "WORD" for me on Sunday or I'm outta here! You see, it has become the sole responsibility of the Pastor to... more
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