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P2T is a "teaching ministry" and interactive bible study for MEN and WOMEN seeking TRUTH from the Word of God. Welcome to "P2T: Truth" Radio on Sunday mornings at 9:00am EST...P2T was created to be your "Spiritual Breakfast!" Come sup with us...

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You want to have a faith filled marriage? You want to have peace and joy? You want to stay married to one person for one lifetime? Touch and agree! This scripture ain't for you and your homeboy or your kids wanting to borrow the family car for a night out or two women wanted to go ona shopping spree or a couple believing God for a financial breakthrough. This is about communication and compromise and loyalty!
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This is a BIG DEAL in the carnal church! The Love Offering has become sacred to the modern day Christian...I will go so far as to say its more important to the Congregation than the Pastor. This is guaranteed CASH for the pastor.... more

Today on P2T Radio we are going to dissect the spending trends of the average church and inform our listeners of exactly where their money is going! We are doing this because most "church books" are CLOSED to the PUBLIC! We have... more

Christians are the ultimate CONSUMERS! In particular, African American Christians are the worse! In an economic climate that has grossed over $500 Billion Dollars in revenue since 1990, what does the Body and Christ have to... more

Many of today's Christians are leaving the church building at an alarming rate. The ministry of reconciliation and truth has been replaced by a "new" gospel and a "new" son (other than the SON). This morning on P2T we are going to... more

Today's show will focus on exposing a lot of false teaching going on in the modern day church! These wack pastors can only get away with this stuff because Christians are too lazy to read the Word of God. The Word of Truth is... more

Tithing is a dead concept that has been kept on "Life Support" by the biblically illiterate! I can't just blame it on the greedy Pastors anymore, we gotta call a spade a spade. It is the "people" the "CHUCH" that are IGNORANT! How... more

You know the when you have Mad Church Disease, you are "all out" for the Pastor or Bishop and church activities dominate your life. You eat. sleep and breathe "the church." I'm not guessing here, I'm telling you what I know from... more

In our daily lives as CHristians we often find ourselves too busy doin' nothin'! People are near us that need us and we don't do anything to help. We make excuses, procrastinate, lolly-gag and waste time with indecision. Tonight on... more

Have you ever been into a whore house? The lewdness, the stench of sex and cheap perfume! Smoking, drinking, drugs and wildness. The loss of humanity, degradtion and devaluation of both men and wmen is evident. What do we do?... more

Exodus 20:5 ?You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me.? Exodus 34:6-7... more
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