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P2T is a "teaching ministry" and interactive bible study for MEN and WOMEN seeking TRUTH from the Word of God. Welcome to "P2T: Truth" Radio on Sunday mornings at 9:00am EST...P2T was created to be your "Spiritual Breakfast!" Come sup with us...

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Church folk can really come up with some foolishness and the people NEVER question it! Have you ever heard of a Co-CEO of a company? A Co-Head Coach of a asports Team. How crazy would it be to have two head coaches ona football team? "Co" means: "the SAME"...When I think of "Co" I think of two men or two women... You can see where that might be a problem in a company, church, business or marriage! Somebody has got to be the decison maker and call the shots.What happens when your Co-pastors get divorced? Or locked up? or Dies? In almost every instance the female partner is ousted and replaced by a new Pastor. A two headed monster is Frankenstein! We goin' in on P2T!
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Christians I beg you to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start reading your Word! Our level of ignorance is staggering when it comes to the things of God and His glorious Kingdom! Tonight we are going to obliterate the myth of the... more

Quentin Tarantino the mastermind of "out of the box" drama has sparked both controversy and rave reviews concerning his latest film to grace the silver screen, "Django Unchained." Was this film in poor taste, or was it a close depiction to... more

Church Mothers have been a staple in the black church for decades. No matter what you you think about them, they are probably here to stay. There are equally compelling arguments on both sides of the aisle as to whether or not their role... more

I know this may be an uncomfortable subject for many people, but after researching this subject I was blown away to find out how easy it is to become an "Ordained Bishop" online! In addition, a person can receive a Doctor of Divinity,... more

In 2012 we witnessed 505 homicides in the city of Chicago alone. Disproportionate numbers of African Americans and Hispanics are funneled from the court house to the jail house at record numbers. Anger, rage,... more

The TITHING Saga continues...and it is getting worse! Tonight on "UNCUT" we are going to discuss the false teachings associated with this modern doctrine and expose the false prophets who are leading the sheep astray! Tonight we are... more

The history of "Watch Night" service within the black community is rooted in the Antebellum period of the 1800's in response to the Emancipation Proclamation and the freedom of black slaves. Tonight on "Uncut" we are going to dissect... more

Ministry is much more than a physical facility to worship. Ministry is both a mentality and mission in the market place for the; rejected, wounded, and oppressed. In America between 3,500 and 4,000 churches closed every year.... more

Somehow once again Christians have been fooled into thinking that there is a "Kingdom Business" paradigm. It is amazing how easily an unscrupulous religious or business leader can put "lipstick on a pig", dress it up and... more

The WOF Movement has quickly attained "cult" status in the modern day church. Pastor Frederick K C Price of LA, CA is the reigning "Warlock" in the WOF Experience. Our guest tonite is Ms. Shawnice Powell aka "Sista Peaz" whose... more
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