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P2T is a "teaching ministry" and interactive bible study for MEN and WOMEN seeking TRUTH from the Word of God. Welcome to "P2T: Truth" Radio on Sunday mornings at 9:00am EST...P2T was created to be your "Spiritual Breakfast!" Come sup with us...

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Easter and the Celebration of Christ have been inextricably connected for 2000 years. As a boy growing up, I would always be excited about the easter egg hunts, candy and having the ability to get a new suit! As a mature Believer, I always wondered what the Easter Bunny had to do with Christ Jesus. As a researcher, I have found compelling evidence of the pagan origin of Easter and the simple fact is that Easter has absolutely nothing to do with Christ! Today on P2T, can you handle the revelation that Easter has nothing to do with Christ?
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Whether its ;texting, sending emails, instant messages, or social media posts and tweets, we love to talk! However, there is a distinct difference in talking and effectively communicating. Join Ronald Zion Rosboro of Zionspeakz Radio with... more

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Chick-fil-a CEO Dan Cathy took a stand on firm Christian principles stating his position on what constitute a marriage. This is America. He is an American and therefore has the right to exercise his First Amendment right of free speech. The... more

Sex trafficking victims, prostitutes, women in adult entertainment, and strippers, all share one common thread, sexual bondage. Many of these women shed invisible tears and their silent screams are often drowned by the noise of our... more

My people...We Gotta Talk! The Black Church has gotta start talking to the people about 'life' and the things that impact our lives and stop playing games! African American constitute the largest proportion of HIV/AIDS cases in the... more

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For the life of me, I cannot figure out how the Body of Christ has taken such a simple act of the grace of the Holy Spirit and turned it into a full fledged "Vaudeville Act." Err'body is laying hands on ERR'BODY! It is the necessary... more
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