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P2T is a "teaching ministry" and interactive bible study for MEN and WOMEN seeking TRUTH from the Word of God. Welcome to "P2T: Truth" Radio on Sunday mornings at 9:00am EST...P2T was created to be your "Spiritual Breakfast!" Come sup with us...

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There appears to be an huge abyss in understanding the profound difference between the paradigms of stewardship versus tithing whereby one of entirely olf God and the other totally orchestrated by man. Christians are in DEBT up to their eyeballs! Today on P2T we are going to define both principles in depth and then discuss various remedies to the disease of "entitlement" that will allow Christians to become Believers and live a fruitful and productive life in Christ Jesus. In the end, do we really trust God more than the tithe?
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Tonight on Uncut we are going to discuss the history of the church building, what is has become and how much it costs the people of God financially and emotionally! It is a travesty how the "Prosperity Gospel" has perverted the... more

ZSR will wage war on the hot topic of "Child Support" on tonight's show with guest Attorney Michael Navarro of Charlotte, NC. There are equally compelling arguments on both sides of the issue. The hard question remains: Is child... more

The response was so overwhelming from last week's show, we didn't get a chance to get it all in. So this week I decided to go for 'ROUND 2' to hash out this very volatile subject! I encourage our listeners to call in and share their views,... more

The rapid rise of reality shows being fed to the unsuspecting black audience is no accident. In fact, it's down right alarming! The serial abuse of profanity, promiscuity and chaos have created a profound negative image of black folks to... more

The Black Church has lost some 'cool points' once again on this very critical national issue. How is it possible that the Body of Christ can be "split" on this very "black and white" issue as it relates to the Word of God?" Pastors... more

ZionSpeak Radio will discuss the politics of urban renewal. tonight willinclude the truth behind gerrymandering, redlining, zoning and other issues impacting fair housing practices. Find out how major white businesses and local, state and... more

Join us tonite on "Uncut" as we unravel the complex marketing tricks of church conventions and conferences. It is another is a series of devices used to take away your two most valuable resources: your time and your money! Don't be... more

ZionSpeakz Radio will discuss the meteoric rise of African American businessmen and women and the "potential" they have to capture a sizeable market share in today's global economy. From small business ownership to... more

The overall performance of the black church as it relates to ministering to the homeless is an abysmal failure. The lack of particpation in homeless programs and affordable housing is gut-wrenching! Tonight on "Uncut" we are going to... more

ZSR delves into the multi-billion dollar expenditures of African Americans with little or nothing to show for it! Your host, H Ronald Roseboro, aka, "Zion" will dissect the maze of information and statistics supporting incredible revelation... more
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