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No where is leadership excellence more important than in the church. In corporate and marketplace contexts, poor leadership has the potential to negatively affect quarterly earnings. In the context of the church, however, poor leadership has the potential to negatively affect people's souls. We live in a culture where the potential impact of leadership has been reversed - more emphasis is placed on developing leaders who affect the bottom line than on developing leaders who affect people's eternities. Dr. Stephen L. Kalaluhi earned his doctorate in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Ecclesial Leadership from Regent University's School of Business and Leadership, and is now the executive director and founder of the Center for Excellence in Leadership. As a John Maxwell Team leadership trainer, speaker, and coach, Stephen has quickly become the premier leadership solutions provider to ministry leaders who recognize the criticality of leadership to their church's success, and to ministry leaders who aren't afraid of admitting their need for help. The author of The Crux of Leadership: How to Lead When Souls Are On The Line, and creator of the Leadership Excellence Training Systems ministry leader certification program, Dr. Kalaluhi's heart for empowering leaders to lead with all diligence is what he believes he was created for.
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